Federation of Like-Minded States

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Federation of Like Minded States
Headquarters: Former Wapahkoneta
Members: None, defunct
Type: Roleplay
Forum: Within the AO Forums

The Federation of Like-Minded States, also known as the FLMS, was a defensive and economic alliance within the Region of Atlantian Oceania that was formed as a counter to the Strategic Alliance of Autocratic States. The FLMS prooved to be ineffective in it's aims, and so a new alliance was formed to replace it: the Strategic Defense League.

The FLMS was also sometimes called the “Freedom Loving Mighty States” by the government of Latao.


The FLMS was located in the nation of former Wapahkoneta, where representatives and leaders of the member nations met. The Atlantian Oceania Regional Council also meets in this ex-nation, as it is roughly in the geographic centre of Atlantian Oceanica.


The original members of the FLMS-formation talks, that resulted in the official charter, were: Lamoni, Legalese, Chacor, The Holy Saints, Latao, The New Atlantians, Bedistan, Falcania, and Neo Atlantis Colony. Druida would also join the alliance before its collapse.

Map of Members of the Federation



The official FMLS charter that the initial nine nations came up with is as follows:

Official charter of the alliance

Article 1

The name of the aforementioned alliance will hereby be known as the Federation of Like-Minded States (FLMS).

Article 2

All member nations must come to the defense of an attacked member nation. However, the member nations may themselves decide how they wish to support their attacked ally. Also, FLMS member nations may not attack each other unless they are attacked first. If an FLMS nation wants to involve the alliance in a war (unless they are attacked first), then the Alliance Coucil must approve it by majority vote.

Article 3

All FLMS member nations have the right to conduct their internal affairs as they wish, unless the member nation itself requests FLMS assistance. The nation requesting such assistance loses their self-determination in the matter in which assistance is requested.

Article 4

FLMS member nations shall engage in free trade with each other, as long as their economy is not adversely affected by such trade.

Article 5

FLMS will be controled by a council of representitives from all FLMS member nations. The FLMS headquarters shall be placed in the neutral AO nation of former Wapahkoneta, where the AO regional council is currently based. Each Council Member has one vote.

Article 6

The FLMS Council shall be headed by an elected Council Chairman. This individual shall be a delegate and citizen of a member state, and serve a two year (IC year) term, with a limit of two such terms. The Council Chairman shall be elected by the voting membership of the Council.

Article 7

After the initial member nations of FLMS have approved this charter by majority vote, all nations seeking to join FLMS must be approved by majority vote of FLMS Council Members.

Article 8

FLMS member nations are prohibited from violating the charter, and can be expelled from FLMS by 2/3rds vote for doing so. Amendments to this charter must be passed by a 2/3rds vote of FLMS Council Members.


The only Presidency of the FLMS was controlled by the Lamonian delegation.


In this archive you may find all resolutions and decisions made by the FLMS.

Resolution 1

Open Door Policy
Original Text

Resolution 2

Original Text


As the FLMS proved to be a short-lived alliance, crumbling under infighting and ineffectveness on the regional stage.

Events of Interest

Latao was ejected from the FLMS for constantly seeming to try to bring the FLMS into wars that it would try to start.

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