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A feeder region, or just feeder, is one of the seven game-created regions through which a constant flow of nations is maintained without recruitment. There is another school of thought that defines a feeder region as one of the regions where nations are created (also known as birth regions) and "feed" other regions. It is this characteristic of being a locaton where nations are fabricated, refabricated, or sent to through ejection, that enables feeder regions such massive nation flow.

In all, there are in existence a total of seven known feeder regions:

Note that the word "the" is a required part of the regions' names; separate regions with names like South Pacific and North Pacific exist.

The Rejected Realms and Lazarus are commonly labelled sink regions as nations can find themselves dropped there (and can not go any further due to incapacity of a delegate to eject nations). When a nation is ejected from (or kicked out of) a region (see: banlist) it is relocated to the Rejected Realms. Nations that have ceased to exist due to inactivity may be revived by contacting the moderators; in which case they end up situated in Lazarus.

Oftentimes refered to as the birth regions, the regions The East Pacific, The West Pacific, The North Pacific, The South Pacific, and The Pacific (known collectively as the Pacifics) are so named for being the location where all nations originate; are spawned.

Why Pacifics? Some wonder why all the feeders are Pacifics as opposed to Atlantics, Indians or Arctics? It has been guessed that it is due to Max Barry's Australian home. Australia is surrounded by the Pacific. It also may have been named such because of all the small countries in real life that are in the Pacific Ocean.