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The Field Hockey World Cup (FHWC) is an international field hockey tournament. It was initiated by The Belmore Family, and has run through eleven installments, the last hosted by Liverpool England.


FHWC4 saw the Voyger incident: A nation ceased during the group stage but despite that won the group. The situation was solved by stand-in host Rejistania by a high point deduction, which eventually caused the unofficial -80 points rule in the World Cup.

Cockbill Street is known for their dedication to sports but also for their not quite good economy. That was the reason why the stadiums in the 8th FHWC were rather abysmal. Roleplayed incidents involve dogs, dog shit, flashlights and earthquakes. Arguably the most funny FHWC.

FHWC9 was the cup with the highest victory ever againt a team with unmodified rank: host New Manhattan trashed NEWI Cefn Druids 8-1.

FHWC10: This installment saw Tanah Burung return but not succeed, puppet Gleam Street get past its master Cockbill Street and The Belmore Family win.

FHWC11: The newest installment of the Cup. A new record was set on Day 1 when Kaze Progressa beat Total n Utter Insanity, who was given a rank of 500, 16-0. This changed on Matchday 2 when Total n Utter Insanity took an 18-0 defeat against New Manhattan. Day 3 saw another record, Clearwater beat Total n Utter Insanity 20-0. This record was tied on Matchday 5, when Lower Biswald beat Total n Utter Insanity. The final was played out between host Liverpool England and The Belmore Family in a rematch of the FHWC8 final. The Belmore Family won 5-4, becoming the first team to win two consecutive Cups.

Present Day FHWC

Although The Belmore Family attempted to end the FHWC after FHWC10, Liverpool England hosted an eleventh Cup. No attempts to start a twelfth cup have been made.

Past Hosts

Sliponia almost ceased to exist while hosting, going 27 days and back. NEWI Cefn Druids then took full control of the cup.

Past Winners