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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is filthyl.

One of the most revered figures in Errinundrian football annals, filthyl single-handedly inspired the nation to take up football, form a national footballing body and enter a team into the World Cup. He played and coached the national team while simultaneously pursuing a brilliant political career. He became Errinundera's fourth inductee to the World Cup Hall of Fame.

Politician & World Cup footballer
Political Positions
Protector of the Common Wealth / Protector of Sport
National Team / Local Team
Errinundera / First Creek Falls
Noted For
Establishing football in Errinundera

Early Poltical Career

filthyl was elected mayor of constituency # 16 in the city of First Creek Falls at the age of 24. He arrived in politics with an impecable pedigree - his parents had been notable campaigners in the great vegetarian campaign in the 1940s and 50s and his great-aunt had been in the squad that planted the dynamite to destroy the Goolengook Dam.

To this he combined persuasive leadership abilities, a boundless capacity for hard work and a prodigious output.

At the age of 28 he was appointed the nation's Protector of the Common Wealth - equivalent to the Chancellor of the Exchequor or the Treasurer. In this role he espoused and expanded the doctrine that material gain was not an end in itself - that contentedness was the yardstick by which a nation should measure its success.

Introduction of Football into Errinundera

After bringing down his first national budget, filthyl decided that he needed an extra challenge. Long concerned that Errinundrians needed some form of unifying passion beyond arson, potoroos and trees, he toured every nook and cranny of the nation campaigning for the establishment of local football teams. His dream was to send a team to the World Cup.

Through the strength of his convictions along with political inducements and judiciously applied threats, he managed to get a national competition organised. Initially it consisted of teams from the forest regions of the Plateau, Ellery and Rodger along with a token representation from the other 7 regions. Importantly one of the other teams was the great northern city of McKillops Bridge who soon became a force that inspired the other great cities of the nation.

He also had a hand in the creation of the National Football Academy which adopted as its mission the promotion of football at all levels.

World Cups

  • Stats include qualifying matches.
  • leighm medal is voted upon by the Errinundrian coaching staff for the Player of the Series.

World Cup 5

After establishing the Errinundera Football Association he then actually played for and coached the First Creek Falls club. He was selected for the national team to enter World Cup 5 and was duly appointed captain and coach. He was a great leader in tough, congested stages of the game.

  • Playing captain / coach of the squad
    • Qualifying games: 7 games, 5 wins, 2 losses, 13 goals for, 8 against, 15 points
    • Group stage: 3 games, 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss, 4 points, eliminated.
  • Played all 10 games as a forward / midfielder
  • 2 goals
  • 7 leigm medal votes, 2 behind the winner, sandrab

Overall World Cup Coaching Record

  • 1 world cup campaign - Errinundera became one of the few nations to reach the qualifiers on their first attempt.
  • 10 matches including qualifiers
    • 6 wins
    • 1 draw
    • 3 losses

The Nation's Response

The team's success in qualifying for World Cup 5 electrified the nation: the players became national heroes; local teams were formed in all regions; and filthyl was re-elected with a record majority. Read an account of the reaction to the first cup match here: Errinundera's First World Cup Match.

Career After Football

Aware that football would now thrive without his assistance, filthyl married national team striker, gabriellen, with whom he had been having an affair throughout the world cup. Thereafter he concentrated on his political career. He switched portfolios to become the Protector of Sport.

After only 4 years of marriage his wife, gabriellen - a marine scientist, was lost at sea while on a cuttlefish research expedition. The added irony is that Errinundera is a landlocked nation. Thereafter filthyl's mental state declined. He died at the age of 38 when he fell out of a tree whilst intoxicated.