Five Civilized Nations

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Five Civilized Nations
Flag of Five Civilized Nations
Motto: "Létat, cest eux!"
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Region The Allied Powers
Capital Cala, The Citadel of
Official Language(s) Mandarin Chinese, Shanghai Chinese Dialect, English, Civil Basic, Imperial Basic, and Cala Basic
Leader The August Emperor Leto Crusade
Population 3.244 Billion as of December 18, 2004
Currency The Mu (μ) 
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The Star Realm of the Five Civilized Nations celebrated its first year anniversary on NationStates on June 13, 2004, marking a year of successful participation on NationStates. As a member of numerous alliances, the Five Civilized Nations plays a major political and economic role within the nations that exist today.

Founded originally as a separatist colony against the Qin Dynasty, the Five Civilized Nations has grown and prospered.


The government of the Five Civilized Nations is governed by one of the oldest constitution in history ever created and revised on two occasions to take into account the changes within the country and over the centuries. Due to these changes, the Five Civilized Nations has changed greatly.

Currently most governmental authority is vested in the August Emperor. With the most current changes to the national constitution, the Five Civilized Nations concentrates executive and a lot of both legislative and judicial power solely in the hands of the Emperor and the Imperial House.

The rest of the legislative and judicial authority is vested in the several ministries, listed in the order of importance: Defense, Foreign, Finance, Justice, Interior, Trade, and Information.

Defense Ministry

The current Defense Minister is Grand Marshal Rayus Jonas Noventa, a brilliant commander with years of experience in the field.

He is ably assisted by several brilliant commanders who has performed stupendously on the field.


The Navy is known as the Combined Five Civilized Nations Navy. Commanded ably by Grand Admiral Horatio Gates Nelson, a direct descendant of the 18th-19th century admiral, Horatio Nelson, the navy has been instrumental in the expansion of the Five Civilized Nations.

Foreign Ministry

The Foreign Ministry is headed by the formidable and brilliant, Zhong Da, an unparalleled negotiator and diplomat in the history of the Five Civilized Nations. As Foreign Minister, Zhong Da, has engineered the advancement of the Five Civilized Nations in the tumultuous political environment of NationStates numerous times.

It has grown extremely close with several nations through years of interaction.

Zhong Da has been instrumental with the Five Civilized Nations is a member of several alliances.

Although the Five Civilized Nations maintains cordial relations with many nations, the Five Civilized Nations have poor relations with some nations.

I.G.N.O.R.E. List


Ever since its advances into space, the Five Civilized Nations have slowly become one of the largest producers of military hardware, focusing primarily on Terran naval warfare and space warfare.

A Brief History


Founded originally by Aero Crusade, great grandson of one of the nobles to survive the reign of Qin Shi Huang in the year 185 BCE, upon the philosophic principles espoused by the famous Lance Crusade, it soon became a bastion for those oppressed under the harsh Qin regime, along with the frequent conflicts that still raged in China under the Han Dynasty. Originally named the Kingdom of Azal, it flourished, becoming a beacon for freedom, liberty, justice, and honor. By the year 206 BCE, the citizens of the Kingdom was given a constitution, laying down the framework of government for thousands of years to come. The Kingdom was renamed the Five Civilized Nations, marking the five different ethnic groups/cultures that formed the nucleus of the people of the nation.

The Democracy

For more than two thousand years, the Five Civilized Nations flourished, its population and its wealth growing. As the longest lasting constitutional democracy, it entered the modern era with little hesitation, its burgeoning information and computer technology sectors, it soon became a major powerhouse in the world economy, outstripping the productivity of many fully modernized nations. It became clear to the citizens of nation that the wealth and prosperity that they were witnessing was the zenith of the culture and society of the Five Civilized Nations.

Troubles Arise

However with the global economic slump, the Five Civilized Nations entered into a serious recession that greatly damaged its confidence. Unwilling to see the nation dissolve under the chaos and turmoil resulting from the recession, the previously powerless figurehead ruler of the Five Civilized Nations, the Emperor Levan Crusade, attempted to take control of the government and exercise an emergency powers clause within the constitution.

Soon a civil war began, between the Royalists who wanted the House of Cala, the Imperial Family, to take control over the country and the Democratic Front who feared the creation of an autocratic empire.

In a brutal civil war that lasted nearly twenty years, the territory controlled by the Five Civilized Nations were devastated by the prolific usage of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Finally, the Royalists led by the militant Emperor finally won in a seemingly interminable war of attrition, taking the surrender of the last soldiers of the Democratic Front in the capital city of Zhongshan on New Year's Day 2021. To honor the glory, honor, and ability of the Emperor, a empowering ceremony was scheduled to give Levan Crusade unparalleled power in the handling of the government, along with a major revision in the constitution.

But before the ceremony could occur, Levan Crusade died, some say prematurely. A previously undetected brain tumor had taken its toll. Levan's son, Jonathon Crusade, a brilliant man in the image of his esteemed ancestor, Lance Crusade, took the throne and was coronated as the first August Emperor of the Five Civilized Nations.

A New Beginning

When Jonathon Crusade surveyed the ruined land of the Five Civilized Nations, tears sprang to his face for he was heartbroken by the damage the destructive civil war had caused.

With whole hearted determination, Jonathon resolved to resettle his people in another location. With his mind set, Jonathon began funding a massive space program to bring the Five Civilized Nations away from the turmoils and chaos associated with Earth, home of mankind and their civilization.

In the Five Civilized Nations's Trinity University of Advanced Aerospace and Aeronautics, scientists after years of research developed the first usable faster than light device. Thus began the love affair between the Five Civilized Nations and space...

The First Space Colonies

On the 100th anniversary of the end of the devastating civil war, on January 1, 2121, the first colony ships departed from earth, heading towards the far off planets of the galaxies M96 and M95 of the Leo I Galaxy Group, following in the tracks of various unmanned and manned exploration vessels.

After a long journey that lasted several months, the first colonists arrived in the two galaxies, naming them the Caladan Galaxy (M96) and the Lexicon Galaxy (M95). Soon, these first colonists were soon joined by more and more migrants from Earth that by the year 2179, nearly 100% of the Five Civilized Nations population lived in space.

A Space Empire

The Five Civilized Nations soon began to create an interstellar empire, settling three planets in the Caladan Galaxy and five more in the Lexicon Galaxy, while setting up outposts in the other galaxies of the Leo I Group.

The capital was established in the largest system within the Caladan Galaxy on the fifth planet, named Cala.

The space empire expanded with control over a broad swathe of galaxies in the Leo I Group, estabilishing a hegemony that was to last for a long-time.

Turmoils Before A False Collapse

Over one hundred fifty years after the mass migrations and the creation of its space empire and its hegemony, the government of the Five Civilized Nations grew complacent, weakened by a succession of weak leaders, as control of the government turned slowly towards local, planetary governors.

On September 9, 2331, a series of revolts occurred on several planets in the Lexicon galaxy fomented by the system governor of the central system of planets in the galaxy. And with that spontaneous revolt, rebellion spread throughout the bloated nature of the empire.

Unable to stop the rebellion, which swiftly spread to even the Eridan System, the government of the Five Civilized Nations was impotent, unable to stop the secession of three important systems. After futile attempts to end the rebellion, the government conceded, allowing the creation three separate nations, The Lost Atreides, Swordmasters of Ginaz, and House Ecaz.

Although devastated by the secession of these three important systems, the Five Civilized Nations immediately began to rebuild itself.

A Second Rebellion

As the Five Civilized Nations attempted to rebuild itself, the planet of Rahxep in the Caladan Galaxy revolted, joined by the planetary defense forces and the local fleet presence.

Immediately, the reformed iron fist of the Five Civilized Nations reacted viciously, dispatching a strong naval force to reconquer its rebellious territory. Commanded by Grand Admiral Horatio Gates Nelson, the Five Civilized Nations assaulted the planet, laying waste to much of it through planetary bombardment and conquered the rest with marines, crushing the rebellion under its iron heel.

The marine forces were annilihated by a top secret black operations unit, developed by the Rahxepian rebels, of genetically modified psychopathic killers and the Five Civilized Nations military retreated from Rahxep.