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During the history of Stoklomolvi, the national flag has underwent a few alterations. Most of these changed due to a switch in governmental power, but two revolutionary flags were used at one point.

Empire of Stoklomolvi

The Imperial flag of the Empire of Stoklomolvi.

The first nationally recognized flag is the flag of the Empire of Stoklomolvi. It is a tricolour flag featuring Stoklomolvi's main colours of the period, red, white, and yellow. The symbol in the centre of the flag was the Imperial Symbol of the Empire of Stoklomolvi. The eagle has a crown over its head, showing the power and authority over the people, which is the eagle itself.

During this time Stoklomolvi was a massive empire, stretching across the modern Russian Federation into the Baltic states and Germany. However, eventually the size took its toll on the empire, and the rulers grew more and more corrupt from the constant wealth from conquered states. The corrupted rulers were overthrown or killed by the common folk during their rules and were usually replaced by better rulers.

Kingdom of Stoklomolvi

The flag of the Kingdom of Stoklomolvi.

The second nationally recognized flag is the flag of the Kingdom of Stoklomolvi. It is a single-coloured flag featuring the colour orange, which was designated as the national colour. The symbol on the left is another eagle, only with two heads to show the two-house legislature. On the top is the crown, showing the power of the king over the two houses.

The Kingdom of Stoklomolvi was a period of constant political fluctuation. The first few kings ruled justly, and were able to control the kingdom and rule it well. The next few rulers, however, either killed each other in wars over the crown or ruled like despots, controlling ever aspect of Stoklomolvi society. During this period, there was one civil war between two kings. Eventually, however, the country stabilised, and the Golden Age lasted for hundreds of years.

Civil War

The Red Army flag of Karl Stuyonovich.
The White Army flag of Neil Stuyonovich.

These two flags are of Neil and Karl Stuyonovich, two brothers who warred with each other over the crown of Stoklomolvi after their father died. The Red Army used a pure red flag, symbolising the people, while the White Army used a pure white flag with the words, "For the Crown!" emblazoned on it to show support for Neil.

Communist Dominion of Stoklomolvi

The flag of the Communist Dominion of Stoklomolvi.

This flag is the modern-day flag of Stoklomolvi. It was first implemented in 1860, by Commissar Svisklov. It fell out of use during the unpopular rule of Roy Pilnimov, as shown below, and was reimplemented by Aleksandr Stuyonovich It has the colours yellow and white, the current national colours.

Roy Pilnimov's Flag

The flag of Pilnimov's very unpopular rule.

Pilnimov ruled the populace with an iron fist and was often dubbed "the Fool" by the peasantry. He was hated to the point that even his SMPF turned on him when Aleksandr Stuyonovich rebelled against him. He was killed in the ensuing firefight by an SMPF sniper. It has red, white, and black, and does not include yellow. This angered many patriotic Stoklomolvi citizens, since red and yellow were the official colours even then.

Stoklomolvi small.png The Communist Dominion of Stoklomolvi Stoklomolvi small.png
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