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Flaming is broadly defined as being abusive towards other players. It is not generally tolerated either IC or OOC.

Flaming can be related to griefing, and has specific penalties depending on where it is used in the game.

What is Flaming?

Flaming is insulting another person over the 'Net directly. This includes obscene words, telling them they are a fool, whatever.

Example: "I think you are a [expletive deleted], get out of my thread you [expletive deleted]!"

There is a right and a wrong way to reply to this.

Incorrect reply: "How dare you call me a [expletive deleted]! I bet you [expletive deleted] your mother every night!"
Correct Reply: "That is flaming. I will report you to the mods"

Tell the mods if somone is flaming you. don't flame back. When the mods see the flame insult, they will either give the person a warning if they are a first time offender, or delete them if they are a continual offender. If the post contains obscene words, they may delete it.

What is not Flaming?

The following is examples of non-flaming that may be considered flaming by newbies and the confused.

"That is godmodding... I suggest you scale down that mech. 4 legs and a nuke launcher holding 9,000,000 nukes? Ha ha ha! I think you are a little too small for that. Scale it down."

This was not flaming. This was constructive critisism. if you take this the right way, you may actually be praised for making amendments to your godmodding/subject. Never reply: "You flamed me! I'm telling the mods on you!" This may just get you laughed at, because there was no flaming involved. Constructive criticism may seem harsh at times, but it can be beneficial.

How should I react if I am flamed?

Somtimes it is best to ignore it. After all, they were stupid enough to insult someone on the net, which is cowardly and shows just how weak they are. But If they keep flaming you and follow you around, then do what I said above and tell an mod. The mods should act fast and decisively, taking action against the offending nation.

What if I am flamed via telegram?

Keep the telegram in your inbox — you will need it. Then go and tell a mod straight away. They will check your inbox and if the telegram is bad enough, give the offender a warning. If they do it again, the mods may delete them. NEVER reply to telegram flaming. Just quietly inform a mod.

"They came back as a new nation and keep flaming me! what should I do?"

They're being spiteful, eh? Just go and tell the mods again, and this time they should be removed straight away. After a while, they should get bored of doing this and wander off. If not, the mods may give them an IP ban.

Flame baiting, a quasi-complete guide

Flame baiting, like its counterpart Flaming, is an OOC transgression. Flame baiting is a far more subtle and covert action; it is an underhanded tactic that is designed to provoke a response from another player. As the name suggest, the aim of this crime is to lay the bait for another player to Flame you back, and then incur the wrath of the mods.

Example of Flame Baiting

In the following example, Nation Y is a known Jewish player.

Nation X: "I firmly believe that the Holocaust was a fake and the construction of a global Zionist conspiracy."
Nation Y: "Why you <insert expletive> Nazi <expletive>head, I hope you <expletive> well go and die in a etc."


Flaming is a sign of a horrible roleplayer. There is a difference between reacting to a nation's actions within NS and mocking it. For example, if a nation creates a roleplaying situation that may offend someone else, know that it really shouldn't be taken too seriously unless it is a blatant offense to a specific group of people/person. Remember, NationStates is only a game, and specific people take it much too seriously.

If there is something you disagree with, then make it creative, and reply to it In Character. There are so many things you can do other than stoop down to the lowest level possible and bash something OOC. For example:

Nation A: "Today, the President has decided to expel all proven Communists, due to the fact that recent terrorist actions, proven to be backed by Communists, are threatening to destabilize the nation and force it into anarchy."

Wrongs Way to Respond:

Nation B: "Communists aren't terrorists you ***. You suck at RP'ing. Go to ****."
Nation B: "Communizm Rulez!! (insert many smilies, probably the ones shooting guns). They should kill everyone in your country. Long live Stalin!!!"

There are many ways to reply to such an action. Make it creative.

One of Many Right Ways to Respond

Nation B: In reaction to the decision of 'Nation A', the President has stated that 'These actions are too hasty, as Nation A in all honesty has shown no proof that the Communists are really behind the attacks.' We believe that they should investigate into it more thoroughly.

It's all up to you. Free-form roleplay gives you many options in reacting to this sort of thing. Remember, if someone says something offensive, don't respond to it, report it to the mods.