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Flag of Fmjphoenix
Motto: Take what you can. Give nothing back
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Phonecia
Official Language(s) English
Leader President Howard Duck
Population 2 Billion+
Currency gil 
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The political scene is dominated by the Republic and Democratic parties. There is also a People's Party, but seeing as the new democracy is still being developed, it is very small.

National Leaders

  1. King Phoenix III (John Nolan)
  2. Howard Duck


The primary industry of Fmjphoenix is Uranium Mining. They also have a high rate of Insurence Sales and Car Manufactoring.


Fmjphoenix is located in the southwest side of the Atlantian Oceania. They inhabit the island with the recent colony Dauna Hills



Tha capital of Fmjphoenix is also the largest city. It is home to Sky Harbor International Airport and home to one of the most largest and complex transit systems. The bus system runs 24/7 and leaves riders plesant with gettin where they need on time. Fmjphoenix's nationwide subway and train systems all run through Phonecia and covers the various cities in Fmjphoenix and some of Dauna Hills as well. Sunnyslope FC plays out Slope Stadium here.


Vanguard is where all major sports competitions are held in Fmjphoenix. This is where the Fmjphoenix Vikings Stadium is located here. Home of the Vanguard Eagles in the Fmjphoenix Domestic Football League.


This is the primary industrial city. All uranium that is exported from Fmjphoenix goes through Spraat as it is home to the largest uranium mine in Fmjphoenix, and one of the largest in the Atlantian Oceania. Takil Lines in the Fmjphoenix Domestic League plays here. Takil Lines was formerly known as Spraat FC before Draylorn Food Inc. bought the team and renamed it Takil Lines, after their wonderfully amazing Takil Brownies.


World Cup Football

At this moment in time, the Vikings of Fmjphoenix are in the Second Round of World Cup 24, looking to move on to the Round of 16 for the first time. They are ranked 25th in the world and have been competing since World Cup 18. Fmjphoenix Player Stats


  • Qualified for World Cup 21. Eliminated in the group stage with a 1-0-2 record
  • Qualified for World Cup 23. Eliminated in the group stage with a 1-1-1 record
  • Qualified for World Cup 24. Eliminated in the group stage with a 1-1-1 record
  • Qualified for World Cup 25. Eliminated in the second round by Tadjikistan 0-2
  • Qualified for World Cup 26. Eliminated in the quarter-finals by Liverpool England 0-2
  • Qualified for World Cup 27. Eliminated in the group stage with a 1-0-2 record (hosts)
  • Qualified for World Cup 28. Eliminated in the quarter-finals by Liverpool England 0-1

Under 21 World Cup Football

The Junior Vikings are Fmjphoenix's U21 squad that competes in Total n Utter Insanity for the Under 21 World Cup. They are currently the number one U21 squad and are back to back champions as well as being four time champions. In their total performence, they have made a total of six finals apperences dating back to their first entry in U21WC7.


  • 2nd place in Under 21 World Cup 8
  • Champions in Under 21 World Cup 13
  • Champions in Under 21 World Cup 15
  • 2nd place in Under 21 World Cup 17
  • Champions in Under 21 World Cup 19
  • Champions in Under 21 World Cup 20
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