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Official World Top 10 (KPB)
Rank Team Points
1 Ariddia 57.71
2 Capitalizt SLANI 47.97
3 Elves Security Forces 47.55
4 Errinundera 45.46
5 Schiavonia 45.15
6 Bettia 45.05
7 Az-cz 40.75
8 Vilita 36.26
9 Milchama 34.89
10 Zwangzug 34.78
Ranks have been updated to post-WC36.
Full ranks available here

This article deals with football (soccer) as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Football is one of many sports that have successfully been "transferred" to NationStates.

Football in NS

Since football is a real contact sport, there was some difficulty imagining ways to bring the sport to NS. The first original methods involved dice to roll scores, but it was unreliable as a useful method to makes scores for multiple matches. Later, programs designed to generate scores (a.k.a. scorinators) made international competitions more streamlined. The most popular variety of these programs include Excel formatted equations and Java interactive programs. The general idea is that these programs generate random numbers to serve as scores for matches in as impartial a manner as possible, thereby offering every person a fair match regardless of who's performing the score calculations.

Another aspect of NS football includes the pervasive RPing aspect. While scores generate the results, every person expresses these results differently, leading to differing style of reporting. The most common and simplest form of RPing football results is to give a match summary. Some people involve their players in complicated plots, blending football into their nation's culture and politics. The random few develop random characters from football and generate genuine NS personalities that are widely famous in the NS community.

There are many other ways that NSers involve football in their countries, ranging from establishing it as the "official" sport of the country to establishing a National Team Roster. Some NS countries host individual events to promote individual competitiveness among teams. The individual cups offer competing teams to perform in different settings and with a smaller field of play, it allows teams to compete more friendly than in more rigorous competitions, such as the World Cup. Of course, many of these individual cups are also simply exercise in preparation for the World Cup itself.

World Cup

Main article: World Cup

The World Cup is the longest-running football tournament, and the longest running tournament in the NS universe. For all NS teams, the World Cup is the pinnacle of football competitions, and even successfully competing in the tournament is an honor. The NS World Cup currently operates just as it does in RL: with 32 teams forming the basic groups, with 16 proceeding into a single-elimination tournament, leading up to the Final Matches. To qualify, one must pass through grueling qualifier groups, with as many as 120 teams participating in the qualifying matches. It currently has two affiliated tournaments: the Baptism of Fire for debut teams and the Cup of Harmony for RPers that did not qualify for the cup proper. Football has also been played in non-affiliated tournaments, such as the the Under-21 World Cup (formerly affiliated, but now no longer held), Women's World Cup, and as part of the Summer Olympics.

The World Cup is one of three recognized tournaments, which contribute actively to a country's ranking (the other two being the Baptism of Fire and the Cup of Harmony).

NationStates World Cup
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