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The National Team

North-West Ariddia has a national football team, but the city-state has never competed on an international level. Unlike the other two Ariddian states, North-West Ariddia has never taken part in the World Cup. The closest it came was when, in World Cups 10 and 11, Ariddia invited players from its two neighbours to join its team. North-West Ariddian defender Rod Schwarzwald and midfielder Luke Wu thus played to represent a united team for the Ariddian Isles.

Nickname"les Colombes Rouges"
Most CapsN/A
Top ScorerN/A


GK: Kenneth O’Neil (5)
DEF: To Et (6) ; Dave Savage (17) ; Sandra Jones (13) ; Nancy Page (16)
MID: Paul Mills (10) ; Aj Elu (20) ; Ti U (18) ; Laura Sulong (2)
ATT: André Sylvestre (cpt, 9) ; Siobhan Miller (7)

GK: Colin Fletcher (1) ; Leng Ji-Hwan (23)
DEF: Steven Knight (4) ; John Akwa (19) ; Jean-François Desmines (11) ; Saara Rizomov (14)
MID: Anita Tavares (21) ; Jean-Charles Liamson (3) ; Miran Tanjic (15) ; Vanessa Vadhanak (22)
ATT: Kristofer Sögard (8) ; Le Quy Thang (12)



Dark blue top, with yellow edges and yellow lettering. Dark red shorts. Blue socks. Like that of the Ariddian team, the North-West Ariddian suit does not display any sponsor logos.


Dark red top, with white edges and lettering. Pale yellow shorts. Red socks.


Pale blue all over.


Won/Drawn/Lost: N/A
Current World ranking: N/A
Goals scored: N/A
Goals conceded: N/A

Head-to-head statistics


The ulek

At the beginning of every match, North-West Ariddian players perform the ulek chant, facing their opponents. For more information, see the article on the ulek.

Domestic football

With this tiny country shyly remaining absent from the international stage, domestic football has become increasingly popular with North-West Ariddians. The city of Nouvel-Espoir itself has two clubs (Nouvel-Espoir FC and Espoir du Levant), to which one has to add eleven suburban clubs.

North-West Ariddian football is divided into three leagues. L1 pits the four best teams against one another, L2 the four just below that, and L3 the five at the bottom of the table. The two clubs of the capital city have always (so far) grabbed two of the four spots in L1.

Lastly, LN (la Ligue Nationale) sees all thirteen teams compete against one another occasionally.

It is, in addition, becoming increasingly common for North-West Ariddian clubs to play in friendly matches against their West Ariddian and Ariddian counterparts.