Forest Hill FC

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Forest Hill FC
Full name Forest Hill Football Club
Founded 2014 or earlier
Ground East Hyatt Coliseum, Forest Hill, Hyatt
League Áltelige
2098 Médilige, 2nd
Kit Colors

Forest Hill F.C. is a Bedistani football club playing in the Áltelige.


Forest Hill FC is one of the oldest clubs in all Bedistan, as it began playing professionally when the BFL became a professional league in 2014. They were first promoted to the First Division (the top division at the time) in 2016, and spent all of their time in one of the top two divisions of the Bedistani league system until the reorganization of the 2090s (though would have been relegated to the BFL Second Division for the 2096 season based on finishing position). FHFC most recently gained promotion to the Bedistan Premier League after the 2087 season, but were relegated again in 2088.

League history

Where Forest Hill has played over the years:

Year(s) League name League level
2099 Áltelige 3
2098 Médilige 4
2096-97 (no competition)
2089-95 BFL First Division 2
2088 Bedistan Premier League 1
2079-87 BFL First Division 2
2075-78 Bedistan Premier League 1
2074 BFL First Division 2
2068-73 (no competition)
2065-67 BFL First Division 2
2064 BPL First Division 1
2062-63 BPL Second Division 2
2059-61 (no competition)
2058 BPL Second Division 2
2047-57 BPL First Division 1
2044-46 (no competition)
2040-43 BFA First Division 1
2036-39 (no competition)
2030-35 BFA Second Division 2
2019-29 (no competition)
2017-18 BFL Second Division 2
2016 BFL First Division 1
2014-15 BFL Second Division 2

Other Tournaments

FHFC was invited to the Defenders' Cup in Rejistania during the 2074-75 offseason along with seven other clubs from around the world. Forest Hill's superb defensive record, allowing only 28 goals in 38 games in the 2074 season, as well as its standard formation with five defenders, allowed its entry into the tournament.

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