Forgotten Territories

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The Forgotten Territories are the three nations ruled by Forgottenlord. While the individual history of the three nations sits on the pages of the individual nations, the interlinked nature of the three nations means that the complete historical, biographical and other reference material is unified on this page.

Yes, I know this page is ridiculously long. I apologize to those that this annoys. Eventually, I plan to cut it down significantly and move a lot of the character and organization information onto their own pages. Until such a time, I'm working on the entire page as a whole

Forgotten Territories
Region: Aberdeen
Nations: Forgottenlands, Angel Fire, Forgottenlands UN
Map: None yet
Official Language(s): English
Currency: Angel
Leader: Forgottenlord


Pre-Forgotten Territories

The Empire of Forgottenlands was founded upon a recommendation of the Nation of Gauss-Jordan in early 2003. The founders of the respective nations, Forgottenlord of Forgottenlands and Gauss of Gauss-Jordan, had been friends from their time working in an old feudal kingdom together, known as Aetheron. The two created the region of Aetheron within the NationStates world and, for the most part, kept to themselves. As May rolled around both, losing interest, left the leadership of their respective nations to fend for themselves and started wandering the world, no longer interested in the politics of the day.

Nearly 2 years later, under advisement of the Grand Duchy of Itsenpotiijaa, Forgottenlord returned to his nation, and Aetheron. Again, his activity within the world was unnoticable. He spent the better part of April and early May in a haphazard state, not really caring much for or about his nation - though keeping his beliefs in check. However, unlike during its time spent ruling along side Gauss-Jordan, Forgottenlands did not return to the UN. Regardless, in his time away, the (originally) rather small nation had blossomed into a nation of nearly 1 billion people. To help relieve his boredom, Forgottenlord founded a second nation, the Armed Republic of Angel Fire. While he remained committed to civil rights and values with Forgottenlands, Angel Fire he treated with impunity - making the rich richer and the poor slaves. However, it was by chance that Angel Fire got noticed before it left for Aetheron.

The region of Aberdeen (formally known as the United Nations of Aberdeen), just getting its start within the world and interested in making a name for itself, had spotted Angel Fire and invited Forgottenlord to join them. Forgottenlord did so, and quickly became a prominent figure within Aberdeen politics. Even though he decided against running for a position within the First Aberdeen Parliment, he soon voiced several opinions on the Constitution that was being drafted. The result was a few minor changes to the constitution - giving a bit more power back to the states - in particular, concerning matters of free trade.

As the positions and policies of the First Aberdeen Parliment were brought into discussion, Forgottenlord noted the lack of capability to perform the legislative duties within Aberdeen. Within a day of his mentioning it, the Aberdeen House of Members was officially openned (as had been defined by the Constitution). Within the week, Forgottenlord had brought forth the first 4 Bills for the House of Members to consider. All 4 passed - 2 of which by a unanimous vote. Amongst the laws was the regulations of making laws and election policies.

Again, feeling a slightly lesser interest, Forgottenlord sagged a bit after his 4 successes. Looking for things to do, he began reading through UN proposals and advising the Prime Minister on which resolutions he felt should be endorsed. After a while, he was recognized as the analyzer of the UN within the region and given full authority over all UN related discussions - even though the delegacy still lay in the hands of the Prime Minister. At one point, he was brought forth into the realms of the UN building when his understanding of UN regulations was challenged by Vastiva. Reading through the Hackian laws (only previously having read the Enodian Acts), he realized how blissfully ignorant he was within the UN. Seeking a larger involvement within the world government, he petitioned his Aberdeen to be considered the Aberdeen Ambassador to the UN, a position that was readily given to him.

At around the same time, increasing demand within the Empire of Forgottenlands and the United Nations of Aberdeen to have a represenation within the UN, and recognizing the realm of his new duty, Forgottenlord conceded with a petition by many individuals from one Province to seperate from the Empire politically (while keeping the same economic ties as before) and join the UN. The Colony of Forgottenlands UN was formed. In a rather ironic twist of fate, Forgottenlord was granted the title of President of the Colony as well - even though he conceded the request for UN membership.

Unlike with Aberdeen, Forgottenlord was unable to quickly make a name for himself. Instead of entering an arena full of people just learning to get their feet under them, he entered a realm where many had been around for years and names were earned through lots of work. His initial discussions produced little, but as debate began over the Bio-weapons resolution, he started to get his feet under him. The Biological Weapons repeal and replacement resolution was, in many ways, a testing grounds for determining what was necessary to be a part of the United Nations debate team. As the final product was brought forth, he was given a true challenge to make a name for himself: the United Nations Security Act.

From the moment that the UNSA had been proposed, Forgottenlord was on a war path. He began a massive telegram campaign and debated heavily within the UN forum - often telegraming those he responded to inform them of his rebuttle. While feeling he had some effect in keeping the vote decently close (from the second day of his telegram campaign, both the votes for and against held within about 3000 votes of each other), it failed to accomplish its stated goal. However, after a comment made by Reformentia, he realized that there was another way to challenge the resolution: an appeal to the UN Leadership to reconsider the actual effect of the resolution.

The intial repeal, started by Reformentia, was rather ineffective. The UN General Secretary, feeling (correctly) that this was just a last minute attempt by Reformentia to not have his Biological Weapons Ban proposal deleted decided they were not going to change their ruling on that thread. However, as the discussion progressed, Forgottenlord replaced Reformentia as the main debater against the resolution, facing off against Powerhungry Chipmunks. Before the debate had finished, Lanquassia had again brought the question to the UN General Secretary - and the debate exploded before the UN leadership could consider the arguments. Finally, recognizing the futility of trying to get the UN leaders to consider such a long and swift debate, he brought forth a deal with the UN leadership for a final attempt to appeal the General Secretary's position. After nearly 2 months, the final statements on the debate had been made and were submitted to the UN leadership by Forgottenlord. The UN leadership, though, ruled against him. Admitting defeat, Forgottenlord moved on.

As he began making a name for himself having an opinion and speedy statement for most proposals within the UN forum, Forgottenlord also found some luck back in Aberdeen. The Prime Minister had disappeared off the face of the planet, and the President, realizing the severity of the situation, called for the dissolution of the First Aberdeen Parliment. Forgottenlord quickly put his name in for Prime Minister, running on his work with the first 4 laws and his high level of activity. Despite a hard battle against the Secretary of State of the first Aberdeen Parliment, he secured the Prime Minister position after his criticism of the President's handling of the election earned him both the vote of the President and the third contender of the 3 way race.

However, his victory was soon to be tarnished. One of his competitors, Blackrock64 who is still regarded as the greatest Secretary of State that Aberdeen has ever had decided he could not remain an active part of the government under Forgottenlord and left the region. This was just the first act in the second collapse of Aberdeen. Aberdeen fell progressively from its high of nearly 75 nations to just over 30 at its darkest point. Former Secretary of Defense, Disraeliland, also left the region, while many other key members disappeared due to inactivity - including Dundee East, the President of Aberdeen.

Nearly resigning himself to being the leader of a dead region, Forgottenlord focused his activity to the UN. He accepted an invitation to join the UN Old Guard and looked to further his reputation. During this time, he split ways with Powerhungry Chipmunks to the point that the two now have a difficult time being civil with one another. On the other hand, Love and esterel whom he took extensive time to encourage and edit the work of - seeing great promise in the new resolution writer. Yet he didn't initiate any great campaigns nor write any of his own proposals. His rate of posting decreased noticably.

However, in his time of focusing away from the region, a danger had arisen. Aberdeen was being invaded. Forgottenlord received a warning the day that the first invaders started marching in. Wishing to try and cut them off before too many could get in, he immediately locked the region down - barring entrance. He tried to reactivate all of the remaining members of the region from the first government with only marginal success. Realizing he faced a significant possibility of not getting agreement from anyone before the invasion would be successful, he made a desperate plea to the President, urging him to return to Aberdeen.

The President complied just as Forgottenlord lost delegacy. The invaders were forcably removed from the region. But it was bigger than that: Dundee East wanted to rebuild the region - from the now defunct government structure all the way down to its priorities. Forgottenlord remained Prime Minister as these changes went underway. The cabinet structure was changed. The regional court was overhauled. Immigration was given its own ministry to make recruitment a higher priority. Target numbers were set. And with it, came new life to the region.

Within a handful of days, the region doubled its membership to 60. Within a month, it doubled again. The Regional Court was fully staffed, all ministries were in full operation, the only weak point was the already stable area of Foreign Relations.

Paralleling the increasing success of Aberdeen was Forgottenlord's first resolution. Love and Esterel had approached him as much as two months prior to the Aberdeen revival about working on Right to Divorce. However, Love and Esterel was struggling to find the time to do it with various other projects underway and Forgottenlord wasn't doing much better. However, the two had finally found a common hole in their respective schedules. Thus, Right to Divorce was underway. After a swift two weeks of developement, it went to vote.

But it was doomed right off the bat. On the first day of voting, Ausserland brought forth a major point that Forgottenlord had misunderstood during the drafting process. Realizing that his Resolution was hopelessly flawed, he resigned himself to the need to repeal it even before its momentum began. His realization didn't stop it from passing, but it breathed life into those that would later repeal it. Fonzoland, who had been the first to indicate his vote for the resolution on the forums was responsible for submitting the repeal.

Forgottenlord had not given up hope, however. Despite the considerable flaw, he still felt that Right to Divorce had to be replaced and after a few weeks, began drafting a replacement. It is still being drafted.

Aberdeen had started encountering internal strife. Forgottenlord had become frustrated with an attempt by a new MP of Aberdeen by the name of Bloopa to pass a law that limited the size of Aberdeen armies. The Bill passed in a narrow vote, but this did not stop Forgottenlord from playing annoying politics with the Minister. He fired nearly 40 million soldiers from Angel Fire and enstated a new Zerg army, the national animal of Angel Fire. This merely infuriated the Minister, who immediately pressed charges against him in the regional court. The court dismissed the charges in a 3-0 ruling, citing that Forgottenlord had found a true loophole.

And yet, on another front, Forgottenlord chose to reorganize the government. Angel Fire and Forgottenlands UN nearly combined to the same population as the Empire itself. Realizing this, he reoganized the three nations and their government structure. The three nations became a unified land under the name Forgotten Territories. Forgottenlord, as President of each of the three nations, became President of the Forgotten Territories. His Vice-Presidents of each nation became the Prime Minister and effective leader.

Post-Forgotten Territories

As Aberdeen's Army Size Cap Law was passed, Bloopa and Coretta had a small skirmish over a riot that turned violent. Angel Fire forces were deployed within short order of their battle actually beginning. When the battle ended, Eramia, a Protectorate of Mittsville hosted the peace talks.

Then Vice-President Tristan Angel, the Angel Fire, was sent to represent Angel Fire and her military at the summit. While her effect on the final outcome was minimal - mainly bringing about an agreement to have a third-party force maintaining the demilitarized zone between the two nations - her inaugeral attempt to represent Aberdeen brought about a great distinction from the manner in which Forgottenlord conducted himself, and a rather important soon-to-be national leader, alienating many members in the process. As the talks continued, the Forgotten Territories were restructured.

Shortly after the restructuring, a new complication came up. Dancing Bananland had suffered a large terrorist attack. A force of nearly 200 terrorists took about 250 hostages and a shipyard, holding it for 48 hours. While terrorism raised the eyes of a few nations and brought in offers of help, it didn't become a regional issue until towards the end.

It was determined that the terrorists had found the supplies to produce an extensive amount of nerve gas. Once this was determined, all major regional powers took an interest into the issue. Some stopped concerning themselves when they noticed Angel Fire troops being redeployed, but Nouvelle Helena, Khaoz and, of course, Dancing Bananland continued to pursue the matter.

However, Forgottenlord found himself facing a much different pressure relative to the other leaders. By many reports, the terrorists were Servants of Nolak, and there was some question about whether they might even be Servants of Kane - the husband of the Angel Fire, who was still at the Eramian Summit.

The rivalries between the Night Sisters, the Zerg and the Angel Fire military became pronounced more than they ever had and possibly ever would. Forgottenlord had requested Kane, if he could be found, to be kept alive. However, as time went on, it was certain that Liz Paul, the Zerg Master, had made it her personal goal to have Kane killed before he could possibly be captured by any other force. Forgottenlord was also fearful of the fact that Kane was once a master of the Night Sisters, and very well could get their loyalty and use them against Aberdeen. Celeste found that his concern was not unfounded - the Collective was continually divided on who to serve and how the situation should be handled. However, as the evidence became greater and greater that Liz knew exactly where the terrorists were hiding, Celeste was able to rally the Night Sisters, getting them to agree on a course of action that would see Kane captured before Liz could get to him.

However, first she felt that the Angel Fire should be informed. Presenting the Forgottenlord with the evidence collected, she was able to convince him to recall his sister from the Eramian Summit. When he informed Tristan, she went after Liz - threatening the much more battle-hardened military veteran with death of her and her Zerg if she didn't comply.

The Angel Fire, along with team hand-picked by Jane Allen, they proceeded to where the now-known terrorist base in Nouvelle Helena was located. They raced a now frustrated Liz Paul, and armies from Dancing Bananland and Nouvelle Helena and countless other forces.

That story is still going.

Government Structure

Forgotten Territories

The Forgotten Territories is the central ruling body of the three nations formerly ruled by Forgottenlord. The Forgotten Territories is ruled by the Forgotten Council, which is a committee of the military, civil and intelligence leaders from the three nations. Nearly all foreign policy issues with a single nation is handled by the Forgotten Council itself - though issues such as the military remain solely to the discretion of the individual nation.

The President is elected by equal vote from all citizens in all three of the countries. It is nearly impossible to unseat Forgottenlord, though, because he always gets 100% of the Angel Fire vote, anyone who dared vote against him knows he wouldn't be alive the next day.


There is a single legislative body within the Empire. It Currently contains over 1000 members, and has been capped due to the insane increase in the size of the nation. The current parliment is the 24th Forgottenlands Parliment. Parliments are elected every two months, while the Prime Minister is elected every year. If 1/3 of the population signs a petition, any issue will go to a refurendum, though no issue has succeeded at surpassing the 20% mark.

The Nation was divided into 8 provinces, but one Province has since broken off and become the Colony of Forgottenlands UN. The other provinces.....I haven't named them yet. Four of the Provinces have effectively become a single city - and each make up the 4 great cities of Forgottenlands. The Capital, Forgotten City, is one of them, with nearly 400 million within its expanded civic borders.

Angel Fire

There is one rule, one law. The Prime Ministership belongs to one woman until the day she dies. He who defies her will satisfy her thirst for flesh. She is Tristan Angel, the Angel Fire, and she is the law. Her Capital, Port Angel, sits on Angel Bay in Aberdeen and is considered by many to be the military capital of Aberdeen, the home base of nearly half of the nation's 100 million armed personnel.

Forgottenlands UN

After the government reorganization, Forgottenlands UN was divided into 7 provinces, modeling the nation she broke away from. Her parliament is likewise modelled and has received a similar cap, though as of yet, it has yet to pass the 750 mark. Capital remains unnamed.


Forgotten Territories


Forgottenlord is pretty much the person you'll run into if you say hi. He's not so much a character as he President of the Forgotten Territories, enough said

Angel Fire

Tristan "Angel Fire" Angel

  • Prime Minister of Angel Fire
  • Wife of Kane Angel
  • Sister of Forgottenlord

Tristan is the vicious and brutal Prime Minister/Dictator of Angel Fire. She holds a cold hatred of all living things and is in her most pleasurable state when she's executing death. Crossing her is ill advised. However, her loyalty to the Forgottenlord means that she rarely will attack any diplomatic envoys and her instincts are often quelled by her need to perform her duty. When debating, she attacks as ferociously and swiftly as she would do in the normal course of battle - trying to spill verbal blood as fast as possible. If she can belittle a fellow envoy, she will. However, those who have the courage to stand up to her will find an intelligent debate with her.

Brian O'Toole

Positions held

Revers Chronological Order

  • Supreme Commander of Angel Fire Military (current)
  • General Field Marshall (current)
  • Commander Field Marshall
  • Lieutenant Field Marshall
  • Field Marshall
  • General, First rank
  • General, Second rank
  • General, Third rank
  • General, Fourth rank
  • General, Fifth rank
  • Colonel

Elizabeth Paul

Current Positions:

  • Zerg Master
  • Lieutenant Field Marshall
  • Zerg Queen of Blades

The Zerg Queen of Blades, has returned to the planet where both of her parents were born. She brought with her a contingent of Zerg which she, for the most part, let roam wild through the Aberdeen countryside. She has little patience with anyone who tries to weaken the Zerg or undermine her work.

Bernard Limark

Positions Held

In Reverse Chronological Order

  • Angel Fire Intelligence Director (current)
  • Angel Fire Intelligence Chief
  • Angel Fire Intelligence Officer (current)
History and Character

In the continual battle between the Angel Fire departments that hold a seat on the Forgotten Council, Limark is the Lion in sheep's clothing - a fact that is abundantly clear to both Forgottenlord and the Angel Fire, but is often overlooked by his competitors. His choice to use technology with feed available for all of his competitors makes him seem like he isn't even trying to impress his superiors. While he does have a significant number of field agents, they never seem to be able to match the Night Sisters in terms of ability to get information despite the overwhelming numbers.

At least, his competitors feel this way.

Limark knows he has neither the equipment nor manpower to perform the unparallel destruction of the Night Sisters, the might of the Angel Fire army, nor the unquestioned purposeful march of the Zerg. Thus, he chooses to look at areas that his competitors tend to overlook. While the Night Sisters are gathering intel from National leaders (or assassinating them if that is the preferable option), he watches the major businessmen or the lower ranked politicians who may, in the end, have very profound impacts on the direction of the world. As the Angel Fire army is crushing its opponent, he is intercepting and decrypting their orders, warning the generals of any incoming threat. As the Zerg flows into battle as a uniform wall, he is feeding their Queen an overhead image showing where the opponent is located. He has made himself the foundation upon which without, the might of Angel Fire would crumble - thereby making himself the most important relative to all of his competitors.

Limark had always been that way. Certainly, in his younger days, the word wasn't important as much as powerful. While the other boys bought the hottest slave girl they could find - or the most athletic, or the one that could do their homework for them, Limark looked for those who thrived on new information. He didn't just look for gossipers, but intelligent gossipers - those that could interpret what they saw with astonishing accuracy. He bought girls mainly because his parents would not have approved of guys.... being extremely afraid of any chance he might turn into a homosexual. He never understood the reasoning of not being allowed to purchase any guy friends - especially since he had so many girls surrounding him at all times.

He dressed his girls up and made them look equivelent to the upper class girls and befriend the other girls in the neighborhood. They were to claim they attended other upper class schools (even though they attended at the lower class schools in the area). He allowed them freedom to get upper class boyfriends - so long as they remained loyal to him. He forbid them to mention him or the fact that they were slaves, nor what their real intentions were. He had developed his first spy network, and he knew everything about every kid in his neighborhood. He used this knowledge as a tool, from being able to blackmail the nerds into letting him copy their homework (or, once or twice, even submitting some of their stuff as his own), to turning everyone against his enemies, to setting up relationships for his friends (more than a few of which eventually became marriages). He was the master of his domain, and no one suspected it.

It was only natural that he would end up working for Angel Fire Intelligence. He needed his parents to only spend enough to grant him an interview for a team leader position - something that is significantly cheaper than guaranteeing a job at the lowest level - and a full storyhood about his childhood operations (including discussions of tactics) and he became a full Officer. After only a year of service, he was actually made a Chief operative (the second highest position one can have in AFI). When the Director retired less than 5 years later, he recommended Limark to the post. The Angel Fire accepted the recommendations and the 24 year old Limark took the post.

Darryl Thompson

Positions Held
  • Aberdeen UN delegation security cheif (current)
  • Colonel (current)
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Exemplary Angel Fire citizen (current)
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Major
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant First Rank
  • Lieutenant Third Rank
History and Character

Darryl Thompson was just a regular child of an Angel Fire business owner: rich beyond his wildest dreams, as many purchased girlfriends as he wanted, whatever friends he wanted (he once bought a junior hockey team and installed himself as Captain - they did surprisingly well, though, because all the other teams they faced were in exactly the same position). Like nearly every other child, he was a spoiled brat.

However, he never had his father's knack of business and finances - though he adopted the disregard for life that his father employed upon his workers (more than one of his girlfriends had been discovered dead - though the police ignored the evidence and wrote their death's off as suicides). As such, he felt he was better suited for the military - the only other respectable job (well, if you were an officer at least).

He purchased a Lieutenant First Class position; his father wanted him to prove himself even though he could've purchased at least a Major position. He did well in his training, but didn't stand out. Over the years, he moved slowly through the ranks, but eventually got assigned to the "domestic dispute" task force (the task force that went and dealt with any protests or labor disputes). Here, his disregard for life allowed him to excel through the ranks - eventually becoming a major. His superior officer had great hopes for him and started looking around for possible other work.

It was around this time that Aberdeen had acquired an office within the UN. Forgottenlord had finally laid claim to one in the overcrowded building - all the way down on level B14. The problem was that it was the lowest level that had been rendered useable. An unknown number of levels remained below him - infested with mutants and other creatures who attacked viciously anyone who dared try to go to the lower levels. Few had ever returned from level B15, no one from any level below that. The problem was, the mutants also wanted to expand their territory, and so occasionally, they popped up onto level B14. It is said that on the first day after taking the office, Celeste McNair had to kill a dozen mutants as they barged into Forgottenlord's office.

Forgottenlord turned to his sister for help and she committed a task force to him. Initially, it was supposed to be a dozen, but it quickly swelled to 5 dozen, and was well over 100 within weeks. Death tolls were significantly high. Realizing that the Captain in charge of security there would not suffice for handling the numbers of people that were assigned to the position and realizing the high-stress, high-death toll and therefore the need for a lot of troops to be assigned to the mission, the Angel Fire started hunting for a more senior officer. Thompson was at the top of the list - and his disregard for life made him well suited for the job.

The task force is now nearly 1000 people rotated regularly (though most of them are not in the UN building). The number of people on active duty never drops below 100. Losses are still high but have been dropping. Only the senior officers remain on-site.....and their purchased girlfriends.


Tall and approaching 30 both in appearance and reality. As a good soldier, he's always clean shaven with a proper uniform, properly tucked in and crisp as if it just came out of the laundry and sporting dozens of medals. He sports a crew cut, even though he is permitted more hair. The only times that he is caught without this proper manner is if you try to grab him when he's off duty - he's often just been spending time with his slaves. Why the UN permits slaves to live in their basement despite the resolution is unknown, but nonetheless, he disregards all the resolutions - he is a servant of Angel Fire, not the UN.


He has a single side arm that he keeps at his right hip at all times.


Alison Riben

Positions held

In Reverse Chronological order:

  • Prime Minister of Forgottenlands (current)
  • Vice President of Forgottenlands
  • Foreign Minister of Forgottenlands
  • Member of Parliament for Forgottenlands
  • BA Political Science, University of Forgottenlands (Specialized in Foreign Politics)
History and Character

Of all the politicians that had ever served under Forgottenlord, Alison is the only one who had studied politics before serving. An advocate of peace and a natural leader, she felt right at home within the realm of politics. She studied Political Science in University and graduated with exceptional marks - including two offers to continue to a graduate program. However, it was another offer that interested her more: the offer of running for Member of Parliament. In her first little bit, she made little notice. The few times she tried to speak up, she ended up making the position she was fighting for look even worse. However, as she learnt the rules of the game, she quickly improved her style and soon became a major figure within the parliament. At the start of her fourth term, she was made Foreign Minister. While the position was high-profile, it was overshadowed by Forgottenlord's love for Foreign politics. However, she was still able to ride his coattails as his relations developed to be good enough to become Prime Minister of Aberdeen and a member of the UN Old Guard. At the next Presidential election, she was handed the Vice-Presidency (Vice President being voted seperately from the President himself). When the Forgotten Territories was reorganized, she was handed the position of Prime Minister.

While she has a tendancy to be timid in debates, she can quickly become a ferocious opponent if the argument rages long enough. With her ability to pick good ministers to address domestic issues, and her own personal talent of foreign relations, there is great hope for her new reign. Many wonder whether she will some day speak at the UN itself - either on behalf of the Forgottenlord or seperate from him.


Standing nearly 6 feet tall and having always been heavily involved in sports, she had a nearly perfect body by most accounts. Coupled with her shoulder length, evenly cut, brown hair, soft brown eyes and a nearly unbreakable smile, many considered her as a man's dream girl. However, that smile always seemed to falter in the middle of a debate, and her kind face became a stern glare - a look that is often disarming for those who have never encountered it. Her clothing is plain, formal, and modest - normally. She knows that some politicians either prefer more sexual clothing or are disarmed (or, perhaps, hindered by prejudice). If she felt that the risk was minimal but the gains were great enough, she probably would even go nude.

Forgottenlands UN

Jonathon Spencer

Positions Held
  • Prime Minister of Forgottenlands UN (current)

Night Sisters

Celeste McNair

Current Positions:

Celeste is the personal bodyguard of Forgottenlord, his direct link to commanding the Night Sisters, and his closest friend. While some have speculated on whether their friendship has evolved beyond this level, the two continually indicate that their friendship remains plutonic. However, considering the age difference between them and the fact that Celeste is technically not an adult, it forces further development of their relationship to remain private.

Celeste joined the Night Sisters during their period of no master. She is often considered to be the most powerful of the Night Sisters and has certainly set developement records and is one of the forerunning revolutionizers in Night Sister abilities. She was seen as the natural choice to lead the Night Sisters when they were asked to select a leader by the Angel Fire.

Kelsey Thompson

Positions Held
  • Night Sister Blademaster (current)
  • Night Sister Elder (current)
  • Night Sister Warrior
  • Night Sister Priest
  • Night Sister (current)
  • Night Sister Padawan
  • Servant of Kane
  • Servant of Fallmak

Jane Allen

Positions Held
  • Bodyguard of the Angel Fire (current)
  • Night Sister Blademaster (current)
  • Night Sister Elder (current)
  • Night Sister Visionary (current)
  • Night Sister Priest
  • Night Sister Warrior
  • Night Sister (current)
  • Night Sister Padawan
  • Servant of Kane
  • Servant of LockNall
History and Character

Jane Allen was one of the first Night Sisters welcomed into the order. She had been left High School to become a servant of LockNall, one of the ten great terrorist groups of Nolak (the Nolak network includes nearly 200 terrorist groups operating in two dozen regions at some level or another. Outside of the ten great terrorist groups, few of the smaller ones are recognized. The later formed Kane group, founded by Kane Angel, husband of Tristan Angel, was one of the more legendary smaller groups - though this is often attributed to the servitude of the Night Sisters to it and the Angel Fire's own brutal abilities). While she proved herself to be a capable fighter, she was not someone who attracted much attention. Her only noteworthy act was to be the sole survivor of a battle between Servants of LockNall and an entire division of anti-terrorist forces - somehow fighting her way out of the battle strewn city, losing her persuers and returning to the nearest Nolak base. However, fate would have been her ally that day, for Kane Angel and his wife were both there with the newly formed Kane group. The following morning, they marched back to retake the city.

It is said that Jane did not show any exemplary feats that day, but Tristan Angel was impressed nonetheless. Her newly formed Night Sisters indicated that Jane would make a viable candidate for training. Having seen some of the Night Sister's abilities in action that day, Jane gladly joined, becoming both a Servant of Kane and a Night Sister Padawan. Her training as a normal terrorist soldier allowed her to progress to the Ceremony of Acceptance quickly and became a warrior in an equally swift manner. However, her limitations soon caught up with her. She was not an extraordinarily powerful Night Sister, nor an excellent fighter. Her speed had merely been an acknowledgement of what she already knew.

She focused on developing her spiritual aspects - believing that the closer she was to the collective, the stronger and more capable she would be. She became a Priest and even developed enough to be acknowledged as a visionary. Her battle skills improved little, but they were improving.

After the Angel Fire disappeared, she stopped all of her work on the Battle Branch and focused solely on developing her powers. She believed she could find their lost master if she concentrated hard enough. She felt that the collective had somehow created a connection with the Angel Fire and that she merely had to look for that connection to find her. While her closeness was enough to connect her to the collective (and thus, attain the rank of Elder), it was a vain attempt to find her master. It was through mere gossip with others that they discovered the Angel Fire, and so the collective set out.

Feeling that she had failed her master, she focused on the battle branch again - knowing that her master always favored the area of death. She excelled where she had not been successful before. As they reached her master, the collective had determined that she had earned the rank of Blademaster.

When the collective met the Angel Fire, she was informed of Jane's obsession to find her lost master. The Angel Fire was impressed. It is said that she knelt down to Jane and promised her that she never wanted Jane to leave her side again. She made Jane her personal bodyguard.


No one alive can tell you what she looks like - except the Night Sisters and their two masters. However, if you ever are given the honor to meet her, you will notice that she has long brown hair, sword earings to match those owned by her charge, and soft green eyes. Her black outfit could be equated to a string bikini allowing for most of her pale skin to move unconstrained.


She tends to employ two pistols that's attached to either hip, but also has a knife tucked between her breasts, handle pointing down. She isn't wearing enough to employ anything else.

Laureen Taylor

Positions Held
  • Night Sister Priest (current)
  • Night Sister Warrior (current)
  • Night Sister (current)
  • Night Sister Padawan

Joanne Rodes

Positions Held
  • Chief of Night Sister espionage in Khaoz (current)
  • Night Sister Priest (current)
  • Night Sister Blademaster (current)
  • Night Sister Warrior
  • Night Sister (current)
  • Night Sister Padawan
History and Character

Joanne Rodes was the daughter of a now-dead (due to her hand) Angel Fire business man and his now brain-dead wife (due to her failing). Growing up, she watched with horror as her father beat both her mother and elder brother. She had avoided most of the beatings, sensing when they were coming and running. Her father disliked everything but money. His son he felt was a waste of money and had never been loved - never showing the ambition he held. Joanne was only better because she would have been able to seduce a rich man into marrying her - even if she secretly never wanted to marry a man that was even remotely like her father. Her mother was worth less than either of them for producing such unworthy offspring.

Life was rough. As she grew up, she slowly realized that her father was more dangerous than she had realized. On her 14th birthday, after she had unwrapped her gifts from her mother and brother, her father told her his gift was in his room (her parents hadn't slept together in years). She sensed immediately something was wrong. Asking what her gift was, he merely told her it was a surprise. Frightened - no - terrified of what was about to happen but not knowing enough to see it, she walked hesitantly to his room and became victim to his ultimate horror, his gift of scarring.

When she told her family, her mother cried but her brother ran up to try and fight her father. He was thrown out the window of the second-floor bedroom. As soon as he landed, he turned on his heel and ran away - rape of a woman over 14 was not a crime in this nation so there was no one to turn to, and returning would be suicide.

However, now that he had taken his prize, her father wanted to keep it. Joanne was forced to sleep at her father's side from that point on. During the afternoons and evenings, he'd beat the wife he had long since stopped loving and then raped the girl who reminded him of the woman he once fell in love with. More than once, Joanne had considered death, but realized that she would be leaving her mother to fend for herself.

However, she was getting stronger, and she couldn't understand why. She was hearing voices but didn't understand what they were talking about. They helped her become stronger - giving her a ray of hope in her life of misery. Her muscles she found she could mentally manipulate, and any acts of fighting she attempted she mastered in short order. This didn't escape the notice of her father - but he merely found her strength to be an added bonus to their nightly wrestle. So long as she didn't employ it on him while he was still stronger, she would be able to continue growing stronger until she was ready.

Her mother, however, was not nearly as patient. In an attempt to try and stop it, she pleaded with him one night before he began. He hit her, as he normally did, but she struck back.

This insult would not stand.

He struck back, and began beating her in a way that he had never beat her - with a beastly rage. She was on the floor, bleeding and he was smashing her head in with her fist. Joanne was paralyzed, absolutely shocked by what was happening before her. However, the voices spoke again and she awoke from her daze and tried to stop her father's beating. Fueled by her adrenelin and the voices, she was able to overcome her father. She ripped off that part of him which had defiled her the most, and as he keeled over in pain, she chopped down on the back of his neck with her hand.

Had she stopped there, he would have been wheelchair bound and unable to ever feel the pleasures that made him most happy. However, she could not stop there as she sensed her mother's fading presence. She stomped down upon her father's head with all the rage and anger for a thousand sins performed upon her. When her foot stopped moving, she did it again, and again, and again. She did it until the bones underneath her foot gave way.

Tears streaming down her neck, she turned to her mother, still bleeding. She called the paramedics - her father had money, and it would undoubtedly be left to them so they could pay for the hospital. The paramedics couldn't come fast enough. As Joanne sat there, she heard her mother utter the last words she would ever be able to speak.

"I'm sorry I couldn't protect you," she muttered.

The final and utter horror flooded through Joanne, a truth she would never be able to shed. In her attempt to become able to protect both her mother and herself, she had failed so severely that her mother now lay near death, unlikely to live.

Whether fortunate or not, Joanne's mother survived, but would never be able to speak or even recognize faces ever again. Joanne could never spend more than a few minutes at her mother's side - she saw the face of the loving person she once knew, but could feel nothing - even less than she could feel in animals. Her brother found them a few days later, as did the police who charged her with murder. However, amongst the arresting forces was a Night Sister. The Night Sister, realizing the potential in Joanne, had her charges dismissed in order for her to join the sisterhood. She was barred from ever contacting what was left of her family, but this was fine by her - she had a new family, one that wasn't always in the process of being destroyed.

Joanne focused on the battle branch almost exclusively upon completing the Ceremony of Acceptance. She excelled especially at the areas of secrecy and espionage. She rose through the battle ranks quickly. She wasn't able to beat Celeste's record of getting to warrior, but she was able to claim a record in making it to Blademaster. She became one of the most dangerous Sisters to have ever lived. Slowly, she was able to get to Preist, but failed to advance far beyond it. She also had a subconscious block towards any attempts to invent new methods, a relic of her one attempt to expand her abilities and the failing that came with it.

Any man that remotely reminds her of her father becomes a sworn enemy. She gladly kills everyone that's ever attempted to hit on her - many of them losing eyeballs or an assortment of other items (it is well documented that she once got into a bar fight where a few of her opponents left without a few of their fingers).


She refuses to hide, just hides her true identity. Between her makeup, her sparkling earings, and her long, braided, blonde hair, she can make any guy fall for her with just the right look - and her Night Sister training provided her with the ability to make any man run with terror without changing her appearance, just her face. Her clothing is equally attractive, never stagnant, never with a pattern, always flashy.

Important Factions


OOC Note: Yes, the Zerg are from Blizzards Starcraft. They hold all the rights, yadda yadda yah. We know the drill. Fine, poor form, but a lot of the characters are modifications from characters with similar or the same names from a lot of my other RPs - and way back then, I rather liked the Zerg from Starcraft being employed into the Freespace universe. Yes I used the vast majority of the Starcraft storyline - and I'm sorry if anyone has the ending spoiled (even though I skipped a bunch of details in the process). No there is nothing of copyright left from Freespace, but those who know the Freespace storyline might see a remaining essence in the Destroyers. Regardless, I shall start from the beginning - besides which, I didn't follow the Starcraft storyline so you may want to notice the various modifications. This ends my note.


The Zerg are a race recently imported to this planet by Liz Paul of Angel Fire. They can be a fairly tame race, though extremely vicious if provoked. They have been designed in such a way that they can be commanded using a psychic link - though they are naturally dumb animals, no smarter than any dog in this world. However, because of their vicious nature and the fact that they have been bred for generations to be warriors makes them suited for new animal training programs for various militaries. At least two Aberdeen militaries have already begun investigating this concept.


The story of the Zerg starts long before their species came into existance. It starts with a race known as the Xel Naga (I hope I'm spelling that correctly). They are an ancient race known for many great creations - in infrastructure, mobility, and now, sentient species. One of their first projects were known as the Protoss. They kept a close link with the Protoss as they developed, but eventually the Protoss developed some agressive habits and had some infighting. Feeling their project a "failure", the Xel Naga left the Protoss (which, mind you, didn't help with unity matters).

Learning from their mistakes, they decided to make a race that would have unity because no other option was possible, and not involve themselves in the struggles of their creation. Hence, they chose a hive-mind based race - the Zerg. The Overmind was created to be the leader of the Zerg. Immortal, powerful, and intelligent beyond belief, it soon grew powerhungry and began assimilating various species. As it expanded its massive force, it found itself overwhelmed and started creating a power structure - Overlords reporting to queens who in turn reported to cerebrets who reported to the Overmind. It became more and more powerful.

It was then that the Overmind discovered his creators, discovered he was their creation, and discovered that they were still observing their work. He his himself and sent his forces against them. The Xel Naga were all but destroyed. The Overmind discovered from them the existance of the Protoss and, feeling a need to prove itself as the greater of the two creations (having already, in its mind, proven itself greater than their creators). It set forth for the Protoss.

The Protoss, too, had discovered the Zerg, and the fact that it too was a creation. They were able to accurately deduce it wanted to destroy them. And so, they prepared for war against the Zerg.

They met in the space of a third race that shall go unnamed, and began their war around and within the other race's territory.

As the war began, a Zerg probe returned to the Overmind from Earth. It had been hunting for the sign of the other creation but instead had stumbled upon the Human race. Fortunately, Earth was relatively out of the way for the Overmind and thus was suited for eventual conquest - once it had dealt with those in its path to prove its greatness. None would then be able to stand in its way. However, the probe had with it evidence that humans may be worth assimilating rather than annihilating - a human woman. A psychic human woman, by the name of Sarah Kerrigan. The Overmind, impressed with its gift, decided to use her as a new commander. Many think that it may have regarded humans as extremely intelligent - and the fact that she was psychic meant that it could employ her as a leader in its forces.

Slowly, the Zerg forces began to gain the high-ground. Poor politics on the part of the Protoss had diverted the attention of the third party away from the Zerg. As a result, the Zerg were overrunning both forces as they fought each other. The Overmind left Kerrigan, charged with the title Queen of Blades, the job of cleaning up the battles in this territory, and moved forth with an army to invade Protoss territory, eventually reaching the Protoss home planet.

The Protoss commander that had been charged with the initial campaign against the Zerg, made a last, desperate stand against the Protoss. He sacrificed himself as he assaulted the Overmind, destroying both of them.

The Zerg were in chaos. The Cerebrets (as well as Kerrigan) were all capable of functioning without the Overmind, but the entire idea of being able to operate without the Overmind's unifying abilities was too much for them. While the Overmind's strategy had meant that they could not lose the Protoss homeworld, or the majority of the conquered territory, they were unwilling to pursue the retreating Protoss. The Protoss, feeling thoroughly and accurately beaten, were willing to agree.

Kerrigan, who had known nothing but independance until her capture by the Overmind, capitalized. She collapsed any attempts to rebuild the Overmind, completed her campaign that she had been assigned by the late Overmind, destroyed all Cerebrets that challenged her directly, and intimidated the Protoss to give them a very clear message: "do not try to challenge me ever again". The unquestioned master of the Zerg looked at her new domain, satisfied.

She never attempted to follow the Overmind's plan to attack Earth. Assimilating them would mean having others that could challenge her and destroying them would be the death of her friends from her former life. She could not return for her new form would not be accepted. However, she wanted an heir and found a man to give her one. She made sure he, Johnathan Paul, was not power hungry before choosing him and produced a single daughter, Liz. Satisfied, she focused again upon her empire and expanding it, while leaving her husband to raise her daughter.

It was then that a different threat came - she had known something was out there - a remnant memory from the Overminds relentless investigation of Xel Naga archives. In there was a mention of a race they called "The Destroyers". They gave little other information for they understood so little about this race. However, they had only ever succeeded in holding this race at bay, and it was through sheer luck that they retreated (it certainly wasn't the Xel Naga's doing).

The Destroyers were an Intergalactic Superpower - THE Intergalactic Superpower. By their records and the records of the races they fought, of a known 63 galaxies, they were the sole sentient race in 30 of them, and always had an active war in 20 to 25 of the others. While they initially regarded the Xel Naga as a threat (being a much older race than them), but soon realized that the military strength of the Xel Naga was irrelevant. With much greater dangers elsewhere, they turned their attention from the Xel Naga.

The Destroyers had returned. Realizing the a swiftly growing empire was forming in the galaxy, they struck out to stop its expansion. Kerrigan responded in kind and launched her forces against it. While history recorders her as being as able a leader as the Overmind (the Protoss actually recorded her as a greater leader than the Overmind), she still faced a great challenge. Even the conquered races - the Xel Naga, the Protoss and others - fought along side the Zerg. The combined might was not enough to overcome The Destroyers. They seemed to have an infinite supply of ships, and could often trade a ship for a ship with the Zerg. While Kerrigan put the Zerg's ability to reproduce quickly to its limits, it still was not enough to stop (or even slow) the relentless assault.

Feeling she could wait no longer, Kerrigan converted Liz into a Zerg Queen. Then she began the largest Zerg campaign ever, a drive to the portal the Destroyers used to enter this galaxy. The Destroyers were not prepared to surrender it easily. Kerrigan was vastly outnumbered, yet prevailed and reached the portal - only to find another massive Armada streaming out of the portal as she prepared for the final assault. Her fleet was destroyed, her flagship surrounded and cut off. Alone, the Destroyer commander, codenamed "Graynor", ordered her ship borded. Kerrigan's crew were slain, and she was captured.

Brought before Graynor, the Destroyers' Admiral interrogated her for hours, torturing her in ways that no Zerg could have ever imagined. She did not crack, and he did not expect her to. He would have actually been disappointed if she had. He was using the hive mind to his advantage. She was linked to every Zerg. They could all feel her pain. They all were suffering. As she suffered, his forces had some of their greatest victories, annihilating nearly a dozen cerebrets. It was only due to a combined Protoss and Xel Naga counter attack that they were halted from gaining total victory.

Realizing his advantage was coming to an end, Graynor performed one final insult. He removed the Zerg implants that provided Kerrigan with air and launched her into space. By many cultures - including Zerg, Protoss and Xel Naga - considered this one of the most dishonorable deaths possible.

Rage became the new master of the allies. Fury of the insult given to what even the Protoss considered one of the greatest leaders of the era. While this initially provided good results, eventually brute strength will wain to superior strategy. The Destroyers struck back. Graynor completely outmaneuvered the allies and destroyed many more fleets.

However, hope came to the allies. Liz, the new Queen of Blades who had conducted a few skirmishes in the last days of her mother's life and had been in charge of the rear guard after her mother's death, came to the rescue of the allies. Though she was still furious about her mother's torment and dishonorment, she was able to overcome her rage and use the tactical capabilities she had inherited to her advantage. Using a small force, she was able to do enough damage to attract Graynor's attention. With nearly his entire fleet devoted to surrounding the alliance's forces and crushing them, once and for all, he moved a decent sized task force to deal with her, leaving a weak point in his circle (with nearly a quarter of the strength of anywhere else).

But this was only a miniscule portion of Liz's force. She lured Graynor's task force away and then had the rest of her fleet strike at the weak point. Holding her own against the task force, her fleet was able to not only break the circle and open an exit, but rally the alliance to turn the hole into a starting point for the annihilation of Graynor's forces. She brought a portion of the force to assist her with the task force, finishing it off, then returned to the front where she was immediately commissioned with the position her mother had held within the alliance: Supreme Commander. Through this, she routed the majority of Graynor's fleet, and then copied Graynor's capture of her mother, surrounding his flagship, destroying its support ships, boarding the vessel, killing the crew and capturing Graynor alive. However, they threw him in front of the Alliance military leaders.

The Protoss and the Xel Naga had never seen anything like him. The Zerg, having seen him through Kerrigan's eyes were not nearly as shocked. Graynor was a monster. He had 3 legs - one forward, two back like an airplane - and two arms - both of which bled for they had held energy swords. His body shone a bright red with black spots shaded into it, like sunspots on a star's surface. His back held the stub of a particle cannon and underneath his chest were the remnants of nearly a dozen turrets.

Before the delegation, Liz berated him - laying charges upon him with little meaning. War crimes that had not been criminalized by any of the members, tactics that wouldn't have been denounced by any ruler, and above all, for being militaristic and imperialistic - a crime all members of the alliance had been guilty of at one point but never charged or punished for. Without waiting for a defense, without waiting for consent from the alliance leaders, she pronounced sentence: death, to be conducted mere seconds from her pronouncement.

It was here that Liz's favorite killing blow was first employed. Funnelling all the rage and greif, she struck out with the claws that came out the back of her wrist, right into the place where she knew the Shivan heart was. Lifting Graynor up, she watched his face, waiting for the sign in his eyes that indicated he was finally dead, his blood dribbling down her arm or dripping onto her face. When Graynor finally died, she lit his body on fire, put him in a stasis field, and launched him, still burning, as the first projectile in her next campaign: to complete the mission her mother died trying to do: close the portal.

Unlike her mother, the death of Graynor had given her the upper hand. The Shivans possessed only a small numerical advantage. The Shivan command had not heard about Graynor's defeat and had not sent the next commander. The Shivan sub-commanders were incompetent beyond belief. It took little to get to the portal and shut it, once and for all.

The alliance commanders braced themselves. Liz was now in command of a much weakened Zerg Empire. Would she try to ensure that their submission to the Zerg would continue?

Yet the war never came. Having been raised by her father, Liz had inherited his lack of wish to be powerful rather than her mother's lust. She split the Zerg Empire up so that each Cerebret had its own territory and forces that were under its command. She gave independance to the alliance members (though gave nothing to those that hadn't helped in the war). Those Zerg which she had always commanded directly she took with her on her next journey.

Her father was dead, but she remembered enough about him. She wanted to return to her parents' home planet, but she knew she would never be accepted in that form. She couldn't remove most of her implants, so instead she made them retractable - tail, wings, claws, mask - all became things that she could just suck inside of herself, or release should she need it. Her skin she could do little about, but satisfied herself with a new implant to make it look like human skin - albeit, darker than the skin she grew up with, but still a color that was normal for humans.

And so, she left for Earth, leaving the remnants of her Empire behind.

The Xel Naga couldn't have been more proud


The Zerg are actually 4 species (the Zerg Empire contained nearly two dozen species, but these 4 are the the only ones that Liz brought with her). Their common characteristics, however, are numerous. They all sport a tail with a razor tip on the end. The length of the tail varies and some even have sharp edges or points along the side of the tail. They also all have dark-gray flesh that is able to protect the Zerg from weapons fire much like Kevlar armor (and about as strong). They can regenerate any limbs (including their tail) in fairly short order and have faster healing cababilities than any animal naturally found here.


Zerglings are ....

Ok, I want to move on so I'll say this for now, Zerglings are just what you have in Starcraft. Period. I'll come back later to add more


Ditto to Zerglings, though I think I spelt the names wrong



Something else

Ok, it's been a while since I played Starcraft..... (looks away, sheepishly). It's those air units however.....

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Night Sisters

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