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Flag of Forgottenlands
Motto: War or Peace, I can't choose both
Region Aberdeen
Capital Forgotten_City
Official Language(s) English
Leader Forgottenlord (President), Alison Riben (Prime Minister)
Population About 2.5 billion
Currency Angel 
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The nation that was

Forgottenlands was merely a name change to an old nation's name that has long since been forgotten. Existing a mere 5 years under its current name, even the oldest members who were born and raised under the previous nation say they have "always lived in Forgottenlands". Thus, when history talks about someone who was raised in a traditional Forgottenlands family, they were truly raised in the nation that has become Forgottenlands.

The reason for everyone's amnesia towards the old name is unknown. Some wonder if truly Forgottenlands was the old name, and merely Forgottenlord adopted his name as his sole name to suit it. Others wonder whether Forgottenlord was named such in honor of Forgottenlands and merely by chance became its leader. Others wonder if perhaps there was some terrible evil associated with the other name that no one dares discuss. Regardless, the past beyond the 3 years is unknown, just who people knew, the lifestyles they led, and the beliefs they were given. The greatest historians have failed time and again to discover anything about that government - or even to determine if indeed its old name was Forgottenlands

However, the society of the old was quite clear. By the standard within the NationStates universe, their developement sat towards the latter end of the Modern age. Their society was peaceloving, community based, accepting, and always interested in a new face. They worked hard, but not extensively. As a result, their economy is well developed. Their education is excellent, their health care very good, literacy rate nearly perfect and their poor moderately few.


Enter the Forgottenlord. Under the advisement of Scrotus and with his elite General, Sage Azuth, Forgottenlord took command of the then small Forgottenlands, placing her land under the name of Forgottenlands and bringing her into Scrotus' Kingdom of Aetheren. Aetheren fought many wars under Scrotus' leadership, but none of them were truly notable. Eventually, Scrotus left, frustrated by the politics. Forgottenlord took the helm of Aetheren.

His policies were quite different than that of Scrotus. He fought defensively - though would and could lash out whenever he needed. He gathered together some elite Generals and leaders to the Kingdom and slowly built it a reputation. However, he wanted it understood that a change had been made so he changed one letter in the name - Aetheron had been formed. The reasoning officially was that the basis and beliefs held by the kingdom remained the same, but his goals and tactics were different. His hope was for peace and friendship rather than war and hatred.

However, this merely turned into an alliance war - with the Kingdom of DreamS leading an alliance against the Kingdom of Icewind Dale, Aetheron being in the former and Forgottenlord having a personal feud with the top three generals within Icewind Dale.

While it was considered a victory, it would be false to claim that DreamS had won. DreamS dismantled, Aetheron fragmented, yet Icewind Dale remained. Only the other main partner in the DreamS alliance remained intact of the former allies (and it eventually outlasted Icewind Dale).

Forgottenlord, however, was done. Under recommendation of his fellow Aetherite, Gauss-Jordan, Aetheron left the realm for a new one - the one known as NationStates.

The NationStates realm

Here, Aetheron was able to hide amongst the many names and faces. Forgottenlands, the only member left, went and looked to work with the UN. From Ban Slavery to Ban Single-Hulled Tankers, Forgottenlands cast its belief and vote. However, Forgottenlord grew tired, and having moved from a realm where a name had been made for himself to one where he was a nobody, he grew bored and left Forgottenlands, leaving it in the care of Sage Azuth.

Without him, Forgottenlands grew stagnant. Its population ceased growing or shrinking. The leadership was in disarray. While the nation tried to carry on, the indications were quite clear:

Forgottenlands could no longer function without Forgottenlord.

It was, perhaps, fortunate that Forgottenlord had met up with the leader of the Grand Duchy of Itsenpotiijaa, and it reminded him of his fun while leading Forgottenlands. He returned to his old nation, was given Presidancy of the now democracy, and began rebuilding it.

Less than a month after he returned to the throne of Forgottenlands, a woman by the name of Tristan Angel met with him, claiming to be his sister. Those that saw her were fearful of what would happen should he accept her story. Her eyes held a wave of hatred that anyone who passed by her could feel boiling to be released upon the world. She was seen as the greatest danger to the future of Forgottenlands.

Or so they thought.

Forgottenlord did accept her story, and had a DNA test done to prove her connection for all of Forgottenlands. However, the population had less to fear than they realized. There was another nation who's name now also has been forgotten. Forgottenlord annexed it and granted it to his sister. She named it Angel Fire, the same nickname she herself held.

While many citizens within Forgottenlands felt sorry for the citizens of this new nation, it was to their benefit that such a change had happened. Within hours of having been created, Angel Fire was contacted by the nation Dundee East, inviting the new nation to join Aberdeen. The Angel Fire forewarded this to Forgottenlord who then got both nations to head to Aberdeen.


Aberdeen was a small, quickly growing and new region within the realm. Forgottenlands found itself as by far the largest nation within Aberdeen. At the time, they were just finalizing the constitution, and the Prime Minister position was coming up for grabs. Forgottenlord pushed for an optionality clause regarding free trade within the constitution but otherwise remained fairly quiet within the region, choosing not to volunteer for a Cabinet position when The European Nation was elected Prime Minister.

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