Former Lands

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Former Lands
former_lands.jpg escudoformerlands1er1.png
Flag Emblem
Motto: Aut Consilio aut Ense
Map of Former Lands:


Region StormKingdom
Capital Arzulúa
Official Language(s) Vándalus
Leader Prime Minister Joann Viertuloaga (PSD)
Population more than 900 million
Currency crown 
Internet TLD .kfl
Calling code +138
NS Sunset XML

Former Lands, officially, The Kingdom of Former Lands, is a country in StormKingdom region. The mountains of Decia forms the the north border to Liechtensburg; the Roban line, the border with Saint Jacques in the west; and the Santiago Sea, the south and east border.



The national politics is dominated by the Praetu Scoua Dimcrat (SocialDemocrat Party), with a large majority in the Parliament after 2142. The vigorous opposition is leaded by the Praetu Driestra (Right-wing party). Other parties are the Praetu Vitrés (Green Party), the Praetu Libirilias (Liberal Party), and the Praetu Libartun ek Coisdá (Liberty and Society Party, right-wing)

The king is chief of State, and calls the leader of the majority in the Unicameral Parliament to make the Cabinet, assuming the title of Prime Minister and chief of Government. The king is Michael IV, the Prime Minister is Joann Viertuloaga, from the PSD.

National Symbols

The national animal is the griffin, since the Middle Age. It represents the force of the people. The national flower is the iris.


A big percent of the population is protestant (79%), followed by orthodox (11%) and buddhist (5%).