Fourth Edolian War

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Fourth Edolian War

The Fourth Edolian War is the Allanean term for what is generally known as the Allanea-UnAPS Conflict.

Operation Free Axackal (incomplete)

In early 2004 (real life time) Allanea embarked on Operation Free Axackal, invading Edolian Axackal and sparking the Fourth Edolian War, also known as the Allanea-UnAPS War

Edolia and most of its allies fought a long, defensive fight against the Allanean forces. There were, however, some nations in the UnAPS considering support of Edolia in its defensive war but opposed to the war after the nuclear attack on Phyrric. Militarily, the war was inconclusive, although the reputations of all sides were badly tarnished in the end. UnAPS had suffered a several resignations, most notably of Knootoss, Goobergunchia and Ilek-Vaad. Although Allanea was unable to take Axackal, it had suffered some 5 million casualties at the hands of Edolia and its allies, of which 3 million where lost when Allanea used its prison population in near-suicidal human wave attacks. Edolia's dead numbered at nearly 100,000. Barentsburg lost 40,000 troops on -The Prophet- front alone. There were almost 300 Knootian casualties, almost exclusively amongst its airforce that was defending -The Prophet-

Involved nations (incomplete)

On behalf of Allanea:

On behalf of Edölia:

Conflict resolution

The war officially ended with the Treaty of Deriksburg. This treaty was never recognised by Knootoss in disagreement over the conditions imposed on Goobergunchia. Allanea was unable to retake Axackal, but found itself in control of -The Prophet- as a result of a treaty with Goobergunchia, which did not want to continue the fight. At the end of the war, realizing that it was woefully short of allies, Allanea founded the Ali’Staan Accord.

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