Francisco Ibanez

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Francisco Ibanez
Nationality 22pixStarblaydiFlag.jpg Starblaydi
Hometown Jhanna
Position Right-Back
Caps 4
Goals 1
U21 Caps 5
U21 Goals 0
Clubs played for Lepus FC
Teams managed None
Nicknamed 'The Terrible'

Francisco Ibanez, better known to his colleagues as Cisco, was an apprentice to Paulo Bachchan while under his management at Spruitland club Lepus FC. Perhaps obviously for any player with Paulo 'Thug of the Season' Bachchan as his mentor, Cisco developed into quite a 'positive' player. So postive, in fact, that he tends to tackle players when they're not on the ball. Often with his fists.

His most noteworthy punch-up was with Ettore Salivani of Sarzonia in the 11th AOCAF. Salivani, making note of the fact Starblaydia had not won a World Cup, while Cisco was commenting on what he felt to be the boring style of Sarzonia's play. A Cisco special tackle ensued while the ball was a good forty yards away on the other side of the pitch. A short twenty-two man punch-up then broke out, including Cisco being rugby-tackled by the Sarzonian coach. Ibanez himself, along with fellow Starblaydi Spruitland First Division player Augusto Diaz, were both sent off, leading to Ibanez's nickname among Sarzonians in particular as 'the terrible'.