Freak Show

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Freak Show
Nation: Spooty
Capital: Spint-Odo
Leader: Mr Skopi

Freak Show is just smaller than Maskerade, it lies in the south of Spooty bordering only Maskerade and Spootopolis.

A Brief History

When the Circus Show's disbanded and all came to live in Spooty there was a large influx of Genetically mutated peoples, they were all placed in one State and given goverment benefits, the State gained a nickname as Freak-show namely because of tourists who flocked to redicule the mutants, fortunantly they were saved by a Religon, Floydism washed onto their shores and they began to worship in the religon, they fought back at tourists who dared to redicule them and for a while it was all good.

The Spoot Halflings population reached monumental proportions, they claimed that needed a state of their own, this plan was shot down in goverment as being far too costly, the Halflings then went underground to form a group that could get them the State they could only dream of.


Barret Rock

The first recorded case of Floydism started here, it was believed to be that a Holy Book was washed ashore one miserable morning in Black '44, it was then found later in a box of old photographs hidden away, a memorial was placed to show the gratitude towards Floyd.

Schmeil Weapons Company

Fritz Schmeil, formerly of the Spoot Nationalist Party, now resides here manufacturing and distributing weapons, specifically the Schmeil Rifle, capable of firing 12 bullets before needing to reload, he also manufactures a large quantity of weapons for the Spooty Military.