Republic of Freedonia

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The Republic of Freedonia
republic_of_freedonia.jpg The Coat of Arms of Freedonia
National Motto:
Hail Freedonia, land of the Brave and Free!
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un_delegate.gif TPP.png IRCO.png
Official language Freedonian sloveniac
Capital Freeburg
Region Civfanatica
Political System Parliamentary Democracy
President Rufus T. Firefly
Population (August 2005) ~1,112,000,000
Currency Freedonian Dollar (ҒÐ)
National Holidays January, 18

December, 27

Time zone UTC: +1
National anthem "Hail Freedonia!"
Internet TLD .free
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML

The Republic of Freedonia (short name is Freedonia) - Nation of the Civfanatica region, recently created (its proclamation was on 1917). Its economy is based on IT and its government is focused on Education, the Environment, and Social Welfare.


Freedonia's history began on the dawn of the world, when first settlers arrived from Asia. Conquered by the Ruman empire in the 300 BC, the country become one of its most important provinces.

The kings' manor
After the fall of the empire, on 300 AD, Freedonia known a relatively period of peace, guided by the king Charolus IV: the Freedonia king dynasty continued to rule for about 600 years.

When the monarchy fell, the nation known a period of anarchy: at its end, the Turtlish empire claimed the sacred Freedonia soil as a colony. It was the darkest period of Country's history. The most important thinkers and indipendentist, like Ernest von Ukas (the famous painter) and Salvador Aaglo (sculptist) were forced to abandon the nation and to go on exile.

A revolutionary poster

Only on 1917, when the great patriot Paulo Ribeiro guided the Freedonian fighters to the victory, the Republic of Freedonia became a reality. After this great example of strategy, he retired on a caribbean archipelago, when seems he founded a new nation...

National Symbols

The Flag

The Freedonia flag

The flag of Freedonia is formed by an italic F, bordered by a circle of laurel.

The symbols are gold, the background is blue.

The Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Freedonia

The Coat of Arms of Freedonia is an italic F, bordered by laurel and seven stars, as symbol of the first seven rebel provinces that formed the Republic.

The National Anthem

The national anthem of Freedonia is short, but important:

hail Freedonia,
land of the Brave
and Free!"

It was an original war hymn of the Freedonian fighters, during the indipendence war.

National Holidays

  • 18 January: the taken of the Totans palace by rebels guided by Ribeiro
  • 27 December: the approvation of the Constitution

Administration division

Freedonia is composed by 12 provinces, that are:



The main parties of the country are:

Last elections

The last elections of the Parliament had this results:

(Data from the Interior Ministry)
Party: Seats: Percentage:
Communist party 90 20%
Indipendentist party 14 3%
Liberal Democratic party 113 25%
National Popular party 81 18%
Socialist party 153 34%
451 100%
Last votations

Economical statistics

They are taken from GUSTO economic calculator.

June 2005
Macro-Economy Personal Income
Gross Domestic Product: §86,610 Billion Rating: Fairly Distributed
GDP per Capita: §19,782 Gini Coefficient: 0.3338
Net Trade: §2,328 Billion Poorest 25% §3,895
Marginal Propensity to Save: 20.98% Lower-Middle 25% §8,078
Marginal Propensity to Invest: 18.29% Upper-Middle 25% §20,196
Domestic Interest Rate: 3.79% Wealthiest 25% §25,534
Tax Rate: 0.00%

United Nations Activity

Freedonia is member of United Nations and Regional Delegate for Civfanatica, replacing Real Sylvania from 15 January 2005. It is an active UN member, that take a look to the new proposals every day.

With this status, it has proposed several resolutions.

Resolutions proposed

International Court of Justice

Freedonia had proposed the International Court of Justice resolution on March 2005, but it had failed the majority. The aim of the resolution was the creation of an international Juridical body that certifies the application of all treaties and resolutions approved by the General Assembly, but the fear of the limitation of national soveregnity and the anti-UN campaign by more UN members had killed this idea.

UN Peace prize

It also proposed the creation of an UN Peace prize, in order to promote the fraternity between the nations. Still, a very small majority (a difference of 748) had decreted that it is not time to have this interesting prize.

Membership on the Pretenama Panel

After april 2005 Freedonia became member of the Pretenama panel, where its delegate is Quincy Adams Wagstaff.

Membership on The International Red Cross Organization

After may 2005 Freedonia is member ot the International Red Cross Organization, with the Freedonian Health Agency.

Membership on United Nations Association

After august 2005 the Freedonian UN Affairs Office is officially signed on the United Nations Association.

Regional affairs

The resistance poster of Freedonia
On october, 10 2005 the Civfanatica region suffered an attack by Cape Porpoise4, its puppet nations and other ones. Freedonia lost its Delegate status but, with the intervention of game moderators and the partisans from Poladsia the invaders were won.

Geographic description

The Freedonia peak
Freedonia is a balcanic country, with a predominance of mountain territory. The most important river is the Danaule, which flows the capital city. The tallest mount is the Freedonia peak (m. 4652), when there is also the famous Freezer glacier (1,9 million of ice-cream men served for year). They are on the Freedonian Greenstone national park, where the Freedonian chickens are preserved from hunting.


The Bedreute opera house

Culture is the main symbol of Freedonia. After the creation of the Republic, more of the exiled artists returned to their mother country, and make someone of the masterpiece of the Freedonian culture.

The national opera festival is now one of the most important cultural event in the world. It is made on Bedreute, on the hystorical opera house created by the musician Richard Weggener.

Other events, like paint galleries and great love parades are in the Freedonia annual agenda.

Several honours are available for the best examples of culture.