Freethinker Defence Industries

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Freethinker Defence Industries<
Type Listed Corporation
Navarre Stock exchange FDIN
Founded 7th April 1885
Headquarters Commerce, Navarre, The Freethinkers
Key people Sir Alan Talbot (President, Director-General)
Industry Shipbuilding, Heavy Engineering, Support Services
Products Ships, Plant Engineering, Design Services, Side Arms, AFVs, Vehicles
Revenue US$8.9 Trillion
Operating income
Net income
Employees 3,929,000
Subsidiaries Heraclitus Group
Website Freethinker Defence Industries


Freethinker Defence Industries (Group), also known as FDI and FDI Group, is the largest privately owned corporation in The Freethinker Commonwealth, employing over four million people in the Commonwealth and worldwide and boasting annual sales in excess of 3 trillion Mintels, supplying scores of national and private clients with some of the most powerful security and engeineering hardware. Most famous for its vast naval catalogue and novel innovations in the maritime world, FDI provides a full range of land, sea, and air military and non-military solutions for the protection and security of a client's state or company. The company has also recently expanded its own sector base as well, moving more fully into civilian shipbuilding, security services and even oil extraction.

The corporation is in fact a sprawling conglomerate of many different companies and firms, each with a specialised function. The result of this is the claim that FDI can, in the words of Managing director Sir Alan Talbot, "design, build, maintain and manage hundreds of different solutions to almost any security threat or situation you can barely even imagine. The company prides itself on not only building and supplying new equipment, but offering full in-service support, trials, system training and refit and SLEP programs, providing full-life support for any weapon system offered. This, it is claimed by the corporation, is what sets the company apart from its many rivals in the arms manufacturing and trading world.

Recently, the company has gone on a huge overseas expansion program, looking to acquire new facilities, personnel, and client lists. Its achieved its first major success in acquiring the huge Knootian defence firm the Heraclitus Group, and other avenues of expansion are also being looked at. The company is currently also looking at expanding its domestic customer base and diversifying into space-based technology to further penetrate into foreign markets.

Domestic Subsidiaries

Ballistics International

  • Location
    Navarre, Freethinker Mainland
    Side-arms, Artillery Systems, High-calibre Gun pieces and Mountings, and Research and Development.



  • Location
    Navarre, Freethinker Mainland
    Military Electronics, Military/Civilian Communications, and Research/Development

FDI Aerospace

FDI Land Systems

  • Location
    Navarre, Freethinker Mainland
    Armoured Vehicles, Logistics Vehicles and Research/Development

Kettering Shipyard Company

Kettering Energy Solutions

Navarre Naval Shipyards

Thompson Engineering

International Subsidiaries

Heraclitus Group

  • Location
    Hengelo, Knootoss
    Full Maritime Engineering, Full Aerospace Engineering, Research/Development and IT & Services

Southeast Asia (pending, to be finalied)

Relationship with the Freethinker Government

The relationship between the Government and FDI is extremely close, and the company enjoys a significant preferential advantage in bidding for most government contracts.

The corporation is also significantly looking at establishing a similar relationship with new Government contacts, trying to expand its preferential base in order to secure investments and future defence contracts.


Domestic Competition and Monopoly Laws

The sheer size and marketing power of the FDI conglomerate have bought many enquiries from the Ombudsmen for Fair Trading into the effective monopoly FDI holds in its competing markets and how this affects proper competition and ensuring reasonable prices, especially for the Government itself.

Government Lobbying

The sheer economic power of the company has bought much controversy with regards to how much influence FDI wields within the Freethinker Government, especially within the Ministry of Defence.

Security Force

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the company is the large, paramilitary security force known as the Blackwatch. Created as a seperate security firm to protect both company property and senior executives, the company has taken advantage of the Private Security Act (2005), (the Mercenary Edict, a controversial act in itself and sponsored heavily by FDI-backed lobby groups) to become nothing short of a modern, well-equipped private army, with capabilities that could put many states to shame.

There have been continuous allegations against FDI and its operating managers that this force has been used to intimidate the more vocal critics of the company as well as being significantly over the top in terms of dealing with striking workers and arms trade protesters.