Freethinker Mainland

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The Mainland is by far the largest and oldest part of The Freethinker Commonwealth. Home to 90% of the Freethinker population, the island is mostly a large barren desert, dominated by several large cities on the coasts and some of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the world. Indeed, the notion of the Mainland as a political and geographic entity is often hard to distinguish from that of the Freethinker Commonwealth as a whole.


Geographic Map of the Freethinker Mainland

Climate & Terrain: The Mainland is dominated by its vast, untamed deserts and towering mountain ranges. Comprised of a single, supermassive landmass surrounded by many smaller islands, this continent-sized equatorial state has a dry, arid climate except in small isolated spots near the coasts and between the larger mountain ranges. Desert and semi-arid terrain account for about 80% of the total land, with the rest dominated by shrubland, mountains and thick tropical jungles.

Enviromental Hazards: Frequent sandstorms in desert regions, Hurricanes on Western and Northern shores from late spring to autumn, native wildlife.

Enviromental Issues: Increasing desertification, pollution concerns in major rivers and waterways