Freezing Cold Water

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Freezing Cold Water
Flag of Freezing Cold Water
Motto: "I am Cold!!"
Region Canada
Capital None at this time.
Official Language(s) English, French
Leader The Right Honourable FCW
Population 1.68 billion (as of February 4, 2006)
Currency Water 
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General Information

The Commonwealth of Freezing Cold Water became a member of the region Canada in late October, 2004 and in that time has ran in three elections but has lost. He is fairly active and plans to stay in Canada for a long time.

He is currently the founder and the leader of The Liberal Party of Canada, Nationstates. In addition, FCW is also the web designer for the regional website of Canada. He is proud and honoured to be working on it.

FCW has been very luckly to have served as the former President of the CSA, the former Deputy Minister of Regional Affairs, the former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada's Ambassador to The Proletariat Coalition, and the former Press Secretary.

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