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Type of religion: Polytheistic
Founded: unknown
God(s): 6 Major gods,
5000+ minor deities.
Holy texts: Book of the gods
Followers: 210 million
Practised in: Swilatia and Khenas
sacred areas: Grand Temple

General information

Frinastism is a Polytheistic Religion followed in Swilatia (Ranked second on census, with atheism taking first) and Khenas, but almost never followed in other nations. Frinastism has its roots back to Ancient Swilatia, as it evolved from ancient swilatian beliefs. Frinastism has six major gods and thousands of minor gods. Frinastists believe that one is reincarnated the second they die, and when the world, and the with it the reincarnation cycle, ends, they will make it to paradise, but only if they follow the nine duties. The name Frinastism comes from the ancient swilatian word Frinase, whcih means truth, as many Frinastists believe that Frinastism is the only true religion.

Very long ago, Frinastism was the state religion of Swilatia, but now the government of Swilatia offers the citizens of Swilatia freedom of religion, and it also endorses Atheism. While ths is not a problem to most swilatians, as Swilatia is mostly an atheist nation, some Frinastists oppose the state endorsement of atheism, and there is a terrorst organisation in Swilatia which states that its goal is to restore the Frinistast religion to Swilatia, no matter what the costs. Also, even though it is not the state religion in Khenas, as Khenas is a secular nation, Frinastism has for a long time been followed by the royal family of Khenas.

The Gods

An element circle, which is the sybol Frinasism and its gods

While Frinastists worship many different gods, not all of them being worshipped by all frinasts and some only in certain cities, There are six main gods, known by Frinsastists as "The Six Divines". These gods are considered the most important of all the gods, as required by nine duties. The full names of the six divines are:

- Endras, god of the time

- Gildii, goddess of the winds

- Montha, god of the sun

- Aranga, goddess of the water

- Fillimir, god of the fire

- Dondre, goddess of the land.

The Nine Duties of Frinastism

Frinastism, like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, has rules which every follower of the religion must abide by, called the nine duties, which are:

first duty: Thou must pray to the six major gods every day, each at a different time of day.

second duty: Thou must not speak the name of any god, major or minor, when outside a frinastist temple.

third duty: Only the high priest shall wear yellow clothing on a monday.

fourth duty: Thou must make mondays, and no other day except holidays holy.

fith duty: Thou must not Marry one who is not follower of frinastism. (often ignored nowadays)

sixth duty: Thou must accept that the six divines are the most most gods.

seventh duty: Thou must accept that the six divines are equal.

eigth duty: Thou must not allow one who is not a follower of Frinastism into a Frinastist temple.

ninth duty: Thou must make a six day pilgramage to the one and the only grand temple once in thy life.