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Flag of Frisbeeteria
Motto: Death to all fanatics!
Region varies
Capital Greenspan
Official Language(s) English
Leader G. Winston Riegle, Director
Population ~2.5 billion (Feb 05)
Currency FrisB 
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The Conglomerated Oligarchy of Frisbeeterian Corporate States are a tight confederation of thirty-two individual corporate entities. The COF is managed by a tightly knit Directorate of the entities that make up the Oligarchy.

The Frisbeeterian Corporate States do not follow the typical geographical model of most nations. The corporate campuses fill niches and crannies ignored by other nations, with headquarters for each corporate entity residing at various campuses. There is no capital city as such, as governmental function tends to follow the Chair of the Directorate. There is a large agricultural space known as Fribeeteria Prime, but it is lightly inhabited.

Corporate States

  • Aerospace
    Ground2Space Industries, Inc, (G2S)
    HQ - SkyFac TransOrbital
  • Automotive
  • Banking
    Frisbeeterian Parity Partners, LLC (FPP)
    HQ - Jurisprudence Megaplex, Milton Friedman Plaza, Greenspan
    Senior Partner - Myron T Fitzwater
  • Defense
    Military Specialist Defense Industries, Inc, (MilSpec)
    HQ - Thurlow
    CEO - G. Winston Riegle
  • Food and Agriculture:
    Consolidated Agrigulture of Frisbeeteria (ConAg)
    CEO - Louise Furtwangler
  • Media
    Murdock Metro Media (MMM)
    HQ - Murdock Media Megaplex, Adam Smith Plaza, Greenspan
    CEO - Ernest Murdock
  • Telecommunications:
    Telecommunications Networking Services, Ltd (TelCoNS)
  • Transportation
    Decoste Worldwide, Inc (DWI)
    HQ - TransHub Central, Keynes

UN History

Author of: Rights and Duties of UN States