Futaba Aoi

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Futaba Aoi
Forum: Futaba Aoi
Population: 296 nations
Delegate: Nosedondekistan
Founder: Steenia
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

The plant Aoi (more precisely, futaba aoi), sacred to the Kamo Shrine, grows on the forest floor and consists of a pair of broad, heart-shaped leaves that spring from a single stem. It is known as Heart-to-Heart. This region is one that I wish to grow into peace and friendships among its members.

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Government Officials

Nation Current Job (s)
Steenia Founder
Agairg2 Sec. of State
Nosedondekistan UN Delegate
Penguin Dictators Diplomat
Yogurt Drips Minister of Culture/Information, Judge
Gryphon Judge
Sbabek Judge
Decentralisation Judge

Allied Regions

Allied Union of Nations
Paradise Beach
The Exodus
Ille de France
Dun Eideann 2

Organizations of Futaba Aoi

The Jedi Order of Futaba Aoi was created by Master Sbabek the Wise. The Jedi are FA's official pool of emmisaries. The Jedi Council is also located in FA.

The Council Members are as follows

  • Senior Members
    • Master Sbabek the Wise
    • Master Yoda the Awsome

Other Regional Council Members are as follows

  • Hyrule consular
    • Lord Deatzo Seol

The Aoian Guards was set up to defend our allies from invasions. Though the Ranking Officers are considered part of the Government the Aoian Guards is separate organization that works alongside with the FA Government.

  • Ranking Officers
    • General Karakarim
    • SiC (Second-in-Command) TBA (to be appointed)
    • Colonel East Germany
    • Intel Agent Shinobi