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The GDI is a mutual defence alliance with some interventionist ideals aimed at protecting the rights of free, democratic nations whilst members must have the basic freedoms of speech, demonstration, press, assembly and religion. The GDI seeks to end genocide and the persecution of ethnic or religious groups primarily through diplomatic means although will do so forcefully if necessary.

Recent changes to the GDI have included a new set of guidelines and rules for joining the GDI, primarily proposed by Relative Liberty [Blackwood], being based upon the origional rules set out by Questers which saw clarification of definitions in the rules of the GDI and a completely new set of guidelines revised to ensure members can seek action in cases where they feel an act which should involve the GDI, and also sets out a way to set about ensuring that these cases are taken care of. As of yet the new guidelines, and in particular the proposed new Tribunal, have not been tested in a case, although its main purpose is to increase unity within the alliance and to pressure members to act more in the case that they are needed.


Officially inactive None




Some nations feel the GDI is a poor alliance, primarily because they do not allow the basic rights the alliance seeks to extend. The Republic of Kanami has long since withdrawn from GDI, due to GDI's treaty to end The Hanover Conflict although it has been noted that they would likely have been expelled from the GDI in due course. Kanami has since accused the alliance of being biased, and called the treaty a ploy to get Independent Hitmen to rejoin the alliance. However Independent Hitmen had withdrawn due to Kanami's actions against Stevid, as they acted in defence of their ally. Some allies of Kanami have concluded that because I.H. was a much stronger nation than Kanami, the GDI purposefully slanted the treaty against Kanami to regain I.H. The Empire of Magic Sorcery, is also another nation who withdrew, feeling the same way as Kanami.

Criticisms lie mainly with Hotdogs2, although some have extended to Questers, primarily the fact that Hotdogs2 did not acknowledge the AHSCA when it was first formed following an invasion by Stevid, Independent Hitmen and Red Tide 2 although claims that Hotdian forces were sent to the island chain remain unfounded. However GDI peacekeepers were in the region prior to the conflict. Princess Tomoyo Mikanu was a heavy critic when H2 outwardly rejected the islands calls of independence. Claims that Hotdogs2 allowed The Totalitarian State of RedTide2, a nation who ignores the basic rights of humans, to invade the island chain have been repeated by Kanami and the government formed by the islands of AHSCA. RT2 also naplamed the jungles and allegedly took and killed Cheif Kino Turell. The Governments of such countries including AHSCA have also outwardly cricticized GDI's lack of action to stop the crimes being comitted on the islands by The Knights Templar against Shinto Preists. As well as the kidnapping of Grand Duchess Shino Nano, the shellings against Hoshino island and the attempted invasion of Animalpolis. Such actions have caused nations such as The Kingdom of Emerald Springs, The Queendom Aqua Anu, and The Principality of Kurona would not apply for membership due to these Criticisms, which they support Kanami in although it has been noted they were involved in the Hanover Conflict in some way or form before the cease fire and final peace treaty. These named nations also criticise the membership of Independent Hitmen with their outward suppor of of Stevid in this conflict and on the basis of Stevid's history of persecution against it's Muslim population. (See: Stevid Cold War) It should be noted however that Stevid has joined the GDI after reforms to Religious rights within their nation to be allowed membership to the GDI.

GDI founder Questers has recently joined a questionable alliance which holds strong prejudice known as the Anti-Furry Alliance who's mission one thing: The persecution and destruction of furries across the universe.


Despite some Criticisms, praise has been uttered for the GDI and its strong sense of human rights, and freedom in the world, along with its noble directive to uphold the basic freedoms all of humans, and to defend these said freedoms from the unending and uncompromising forces of oppression and injustice that 'plague the world daily'. Primary examples of nations who have changed following GDI membership are Zukarria, which ensured they did not commit further crimes against humanity, and Stevid who changed a law banning the majority of religions. Although Dephire never joined the GDI, they made considerable gains towards religious freedom in their nation after a failed application to join the GDI.