Game Moderator Olympics

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The Game Moderator Olympics are the (roughly) quarterly tally of all the Game Mod stats. The Game Mod Olympics are also often the times at which moderator ranks are re-assessed, although recently, real world concerns have made this not as true as it has always been. Game Mods might become Senior Game Mods, Forum Mods may become Game Mods etc. There are several categories, each containing one or more events.

UN Events

These are the United Nations moderator actions.

  • UN Cheat Checks
  • UN Ejections
  • UN Proposals Removed
  • UN Warnings Issued

The Giving and Taking of Life

These are all the deletions and resurrections performed.

  • Nations Deleted
  • Nations Restored

Other Events

Issues, telegrams etc.

  • Issues Accepted
  • Telegrams Sent
  • Warnings Issued

The Tasklist

These are all the actions relating to the processing of Getting Help page reports.

  • Tasks Dealt With
  • Tasks Resolved
  • All Moderator Actions

Links to past Game Moderator Olympics