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Is in charge of the entire game. Can do anything, including changing the very coding of NationStates itself.
A vote that only delegates can make on proposals. If a proposal has enough approvals it will be put up for vote to be a possible resolution.
Dead Region
A region with no nations or a region where none of the members communicate with anyone else.
Endorsement Swapping
Where a nation endorses another in return for an endorsement back. A 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' kinda thing.
The creator of a region. A founder can do anything s/he likes (apart from things mentioned in 'Illegal Actions') in any region s/he founds. Can eject and ban nations, edit his/her region's World Factbook Entry and password-protect the region, change the current password or take the current password away.
Game Moderator
A moderator who primarily moderates the game but can moderate the forum too. On top of forum moderator capabilities, they can delete nations, edit regions' names and many other things short of actual code-changing. The older ones are Senior Game Moderators. No extra powers, just a snazzier title.
Nations that are indigenous to a region. Meaning that they 'live' there and are not invaders that have taken over, or region hoppers that are only staying for a short while.
Pop Bug/Population Bug
Instead of being updated zero times per update, nations with the population bug are updated two times. This means they gain population at twice the rate of other nations, receive twice as many issues as they request, and, if they are UN members, are doubly affected by UN resolutions. Sometimes it works the other way round and nations lose population.
A potential resolution.
Any additional nation owned by a player besides his "main" or "principal". The border between "main" and "puppet" is unclear, as some players have different "main" nations for different styles of RP, Future Tech, Space Tech, Modern Tech, Fantasy.... Typically, the "main" nation is the one with UN Membership.
The number of approvals needed to put a proposal up for vote, which if voted FOR, will become a resolution.
Region Crashing/Invading
Gaining delegateship in a region through force. For more information as to what is a legitimate invasion look at the etiquette section of the FAQ. Nations that region crash are usually known as Invaders or Region Crashers.
Region Hawking
Recreating recently deceased regions to become the founder of them.
Region Hopping
Moving a nation from one region to another in quick progression, usually using a special program (script) to do so.
A law that all UN nations must adhere to.
The region where a nation is founded (one of the Pacific regions) is where it 'spawns'.
UN Delegate/UND
The elected representative of a region. Can vote on the passing (or rejecting) of proposals to be submitted for general voting (see UN Terms) and when a delegate votes on a proposal that's up for vote his/her endorsements are added on to the votes that he/she casts. Can also (unless the founder of the region bars him/her access to Regional Control) eject and ban nations, edit his/her region's World Factbook entry and password-protect the region, change the current password or take the current password away. Only the UN members of a region can endorse (and hence elect) a UN Delegate.

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