Ganosian Faith

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The Ganosian faith is based on the teachings of the prophet Ganos and is the main and only region of the lost nation of TheHolyLandsOfGanos.

Before the great Kingdoms of the world rose, a lonely monk came from an island far far away. His name was Ganos and he came in search of his destiny. For years and years before he followed his faith without question and yet their God could not answer his prayers. He knew there was more out there and so he set sail and came to the shoress of what would become West Africa. After wondering it's great expanse for weeks his journey finally ended. Azathoth, one of many ascended beings from a civilization long since gone, came to Ganos in disguise. He appeared to Ganos as a common old women and asked if she could share in the camp fire which Ganos had made. He of course allowed the old woman to share in the warmth of his fire and with that act he passed Azathoth's test. Showing Ganos his true form, Azathoth told Ganos that he had summoned him from far away to become his prophet and spread the word of the path to ascension. Ganos, honored by this accepted his destiny, knowing that this was truly what he had been searching for. For one whole year Ganos studied under Azathoth, day by day he told Ganos of the greatness which was "the everything." He told Ganos of all the great beings of life, and how Ganos himself could Ascend to become a greater being that just a mere mortal. Ganos wishing to never forget the great knowledge which Azathoth bestowed upon him, wrote every word down in several scrolls which would be later known as the Sacred Scrolls of Ganos.

After the year was up, Azathoth took his leave of Ganos an instructed him to go out and teach the young children of the world the true religion. So Ganos set out and began to teach his word to the nomadic people. Many began to follow him in his travels until finally he had too many followers to continue and so they settle in a small region of west Africa of which he declared to be the Holy Lands. From then until his Ascension, Ganos taught the word of the Azathoth. Then on the day of his Ascension, the day when he should have died, Ganos proclaimed that though he physically would leave his people, spiritually he would return to them in the form of another. The other would be his Avatar, and through him would he continue to lead his people until the end of time. With that Ganos Ascended and his people glorified him by having his Avatar be their ruler. It is writen in the scrolls that every hundred years after Ganos ascended, a new Avatar is born and Ganos uses them to continue to spread his word and lead his people.