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Nation: The Resurgent Dream
Capital: Ecye
Leader: Grand Duchess Beatrice ni Gwydion

Garmar is the only state in the Resurgent Dream to be located entirely in the dreaming. Because of this an overwhelmingly high of Garmar's population consists of Fae with very, very few humans or Prodigals. Garmar is essentially a wonderland fvull of magic and berift of technology. The landscape is vast, diverse, and of great beauty and purity, unmatched in the mundane world. There is very little central government or organization and communications are mostly done by courier. In many ways, life in Garmar goes on as it did centuries ago.

Because the weaponry used by most of the Danaan Armed Forces is generally unusable in Garmar, her borders are protected by the Dreaming Legion. While the legion can and does take candidates from all over the Danaan High Kingdom, its localized nature makes this fairly uncommon. Most members of the Dreaming Legion are from Garmar and most Garmarians who enter military service go into the legion.

The borders of Garmar are a turbulent frontier. Danaan forces are in near continuous contact with monsters and nightmares, as well as with savage tribes of Adhene and Thallain who threaten the Resurgent Dream.