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Forum: Gatesville Forums
Population: 1,000 nations
Delegate: Nevadar
Founder: Gates the God
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Gatesville is the largest player-made region in NationStates, having held the position for the past three years plus. The region claims significant influence and is dedicated to the cause of defending national and regional sovereignty from the power-hungry bureaucrats at the United Nations and their plans to establish a one-world order.


The original founders of Gatesville were Gates the God and The Democratic Tyranny of Rose-Colored Glasses, who became the UN delegate for the region. Gates remains to this day as leader of the Gatesville High Council, while Rose-Colored Glasses retired in honor after a long and distinguished career.


Gatesville is ever-expanding its like-minded and dedicated base of nations, in order to gain more votes and therefore more power in the United Nations. Gatesville uses this power in order to reverse and challenge any UN decisions which, in this region's view, seek to threaten or violate the national sovereignty of the UN's member nations. Given that UN membership is entirely voluntary, however, and that United Nations legislation affects only these voluntary members, some outside Gatesville have questioned the validity or logic of this approach, despite at least two proposals challenged by Gatesville (and defeated) which aimed to affect both UN and non-UN nations.

Simultaneously, the High Council communicates with foreign UN Delegates to persuade and influence the vote in a manner they see fit. Gatesville introduces legislation and often uses its clout in an attempt to influence votes and legislation.

Official constitution of Gatesville


Whereas Gatesville is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of our Region, the Divine Right of rulers and the weakness of the abhorred United Nations of NationStates, it is herein affirmed that:

Section 1: Formation of Government

Sec.1a – The ultimate authority in Gatesville is our most honorable and immortal founder, the Fearless Armed Liberators of Gates the God. This Constitution both recognizes his authority as well as his wishes regarding the Government of the Region.

Sec.1b – The Government of Gatesville will be established in the structure of an absolute executive entity to be called the High Council. Provisions regarding the power and duties of the High Council are specified in Section 2.

Sec.1c – The populace of Gatesville, the collection of diverse and mighty nations of our region, are assured a voice in Government. Provisions regarding the power of this Lower Council are specified in Section 3.

Section 2: The High Council

Sec.2a – The authority of the High Council of Gatesville is second only to that of the Regional Founder. While nations are entitled to voice their concerns, as specified in Section 3, no nation in Gatesville will be permitted to continue in defiance of the laws of the High Council, providing these laws do not unreasonably intrude upon the rights of member nations, after significant action has been taken to alert that nation of its dereliction, or to enforce that law.

Sec.2b – The Founder originally appointed the High Council, and through his authority the High Council became legitimate and irrevocable. Thereafter, the Founder and the High Council appoint new additions to the High Council and affirm new administrative positions.

Sec.2c – The High Council will be composed of the Regional Founder, The Regional Delegate, and a collection of Advocates with duties specified as follows:

Regional Founder: Represents the nations of Gatesville in the High Council meetings. Helps the Regional Delegate in rallying support and activity among the members of Gatesville, as well as keeping the High Council informed of everyday activities of interest, which they may have missed. The Founder also acts as spokesperson for the High Council to the Lower Council and its members, proposing actions the High Council wishes to take. The Regional Founder and the Regional Delegate work as a team for the most part, sharing the burdens and perks of being head of the High Council and the region.

Regional Delegate: Represents the Region of Gatesville in the forum of the United Nations. Creates proposals sympathetic to the ideals of Gatesville and its member Nations, as well as voting for or against resolutions based on the votes of the councils if such a vote is deemed necessary by the High Council. A keeper of the peace, the Delegate acts as spokesperson for the High Council to the Lower Council and its members, proposing actions the High Council wishes to take and conducting the vote which determines if said action is approved.

General of the Guard: The goal of the General is to ready Gatesville for any possible threats coming from the outside world, and monitor interregional politics that could compromise the security of Gatesville and its allies. The General plays an important role in the administration and leadership of the Gatesville militia.

Foreign Affairs Advocate: Secures other regions as allies for Gatesville. The Foreign Affairs Advocate seeks out other regions, personally telegramming only those Regional Delegates who seem to sympathize with our cause. The Foreign Affairs Advocate then directs them to the Regional Delegate and informs the High Council of the possible alliance. The main goal of this Advocate is the rallying of support from other regions towards our common goal.

Intelligence Advocate: Seeks Gatesville-related information within other regions by infiltration. Spending days undercover and monitoring the activities of Gatesville agents, the Intelligence Advocate watches for possible plans of attack against Gatesville or its member nations. The Intelligence Advocate must be a highly trusted member of the Region, because they will be away from the critical eyes of the High Council during their missions. The main goal of this Advocate is the infiltration of regions that may create an immediate threat to Gatesville, and returning with affirmation or negation of the threat.

Recruiting Advocate: Seeks out distant regions, contacting the many nations who agree with the regional principles individually and politely, informing them of the many grand deeds Gatesville is working to accomplish. The main goal of this Advocate is recruiting sympathetic nations into Gatesville.

United Nations Advocate: This Advocate is entrusted with the always-present job of encouraging Gatesville member nations to join the United Nations without harassing them into it, as well as further encouraging present United Nations members to be sure to endorse the Regional Delegate, in the aim of strengthening Gatesville’s forces against the United Nations.

Other Advocates: Other Advocate positions are created as needed.

Sec.2d – Each Advocate of the High Council can receive the aid of up to five Clerks, nations of Gatesville dedicating to furthering the Regional cause. While Clerks are held in high esteem, they are not considered members of the High Council.

Sec.2e – Advocates are held highly accountable for their actions by both the remainder of the High Council and the Gatesville nations. An Advocate found to be in dereliction of duty to Gatesville will be dismissed by executive order of the Founders.

Sec.2f – High Council members are required to stay active and post on the offsite board at least once a week. Two weeks without notice from a High Council member, and the position is forfeited to another Gatesville member.

Section 3: The Lower Council

Sec.3a – The Lower council, being composed of every Gatesville nation not included in the High Council, is the foundation and strength of the region. Without the Lower Council, the High Council would achieve nothing. As such, it is recognized that the High Council, excepting the Regional Founder, is highly accountable to the Lower Council.

Sec.3b - All major decisions (defined as a decision which significantly impacts a large portion of the Lower Council, or a decision which significantly affects the power structure of Gatesville) of the High Council will come to a vote of the Regional populace, on the offsite board, wherein a rate of 60% approval indicates appropriate Regional approval of the decision.

Sec.3c – All members of the Lower Council are guaranteed certain rights, including Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Expression, providing those freedoms do not intrude upon the reputation of other nations, or create a situation wherein the security of the Councils or the Region is compromised.

Sec.3d – Every nation in Gatesville is allowed to vote and justify their decision in the offsite boards, excepting the High Council whose explanation may unfairly and disproportionately influence other member nations.

Sec.3e – Members of the Lower Council are allowed to endorse whomever they want, despite the persuasions of other nations. Nations are also allowed to vote in any way they please about United Nations proposals, despite the persuasions of other nations. No member nation is permitted to accrue more UN endorsements than the Official Regional Delegate. Nations with as much as 70% of the endorsements of the Delegate, or nations who are actively seeking to surpass the Delegate, will be dealt with appropriately by the Founders.

Sec.3f – All matters of war, whether aid is deemed necessary or not, must be reported to the High Council. The same is true of any behavior deemed to be suspicious or threatening to Gatesville.

Section 4: Provisions and Conditions

Sec.4a – The Founder may overrule, at any time and for any reason, any of these provisions, in recognition of Their unique positions as Dictator of Dictators.

Sec.4b – This Constitution of Gatesville must be available and easily accessible to the nations of Gatesville and other nations curious about Gatesville’s aims, values and processes.

Sec.4c – This constitution may be amended as necessary, when the proposed amendment is approved by at least 50% by the Lower Council, and approved of through free and fair debate by the High Council.

Sec.4d – This document may be freely cited as “The Constitution of Gatesville”.

The High Council

The High Council, the supreme executive council as defined by the Constitution is currently composed of the following honorable nations...

The Gatesville Guard

Believing that Gatesville, as a consequence of its size, influence and mission, has and is threatened by external enemies, the High Council with the authority of the Regional Founder ordered the creation of a Gatesville Guard. The guard is a dedicated force devoted to defense, such as the defense of the region and the sovereign rights of Gatesville's allies.

The Gatesville Guard is constructed as follows:

General of the Gatesville Guard

The highest figure of authority in the Guard. The current General of the Gatesville Guard is Sudros.

Brigadier Generals

Members of the High Council are automatically given positions of power within the Guard, although they generally follow the commands of the Gatesville Guard General.


Nations who are exceptionally devoted to the activities of the Guard are granted the honourable title of Colonel. The following nations are Colonels:


Dedicated nations who play a specialized role within the Guard.


Nations with great game experience and a healthy desire to serve their region are granted the authority of a Sergeant.


Initial members who are able to donate significant time to the cause of the Guard are given the title of Corporal.


The backbone of the Guard, PFCs are nations who follow orders from above and provide the power of numbers to achieve the Guard's goals.

The Gatesville Guard also has a unit known as The Commandos. These supremely dedicated nations serve as Gatesville’s Special Forces, engaging in undercover missions with a military bent and providing immediate relief to allies under attack, paving the way for the remainder of the Guard to move in and secure Gatesville’s position.


Gatesville is a former member of The Union of Sovereigns, an alliance dedicated to mutual defence and the defence of National Sovereignty, and a former member of ACCEL.

Gatesville is currently allied in a mutual defense pact with The Pacific.

Gatesville is currently allied in a mutual defense pact with The West Pacific.

Gatesville is currently allied in a mutual defense pact with The South Pacific.

Gatesville is currently allied in a mutual defense pact with The North Pacific and is a founding member of The Crimson Order.