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The ‘gay spray’ CH064 non-lethal chemical agent and the LoveBringer delivery system were developed for mass-production after prototype versions had originally been used against a small nation harassing and killing minorities. This weapons has been secretly developed and perfected in Knootoss for years even though budget cuts had caused the project to go on hold. Presently, it is working at optimum efficiency and both have been produced in relatively large quantities. The project is still classified, though the agent has been shared with Iuthia. It has been succesfully deployed as a means to quell protests in Knootian Colombia where it unfortunately caused a few casualties. The composition of the agent has been tweaked to compensate and subsequent deployment in Amsterdam did not cause any fatalities.

The LoveBringer delivery system has been adapted from mid-range nuclear delivery systems to carry the agent to its destination and allow for efficient release. A ‘bunker buster’ modification has been developed as well alongside other delivery systems.

’Gay Spray’ chemical effects

The agent has been designed to release multiple substances into the atmosphere to create the desired arousing effect:

  • Stimulate hormonal production to abnormal levels. (800% above normal at nominal absorption of the agent) When absorbed, the agent will act as an extreme aphrodisiac.
  • The agent also contains several synthetic hallucinogenic (consciousness-enhancing) substances (LSD++) designed to induce strong trips.

The arousing an hallucinogenic agents are designed to enhance each others effect, as confirmed by succesful tests on animals. The effects of the weapon manifest themselves within hours, rather than days as with biological weapons. Side-effects may include coughing, difficulty in breathing, increased sweating, nausea, and muscular twitching. There have been several reported cases of deaths as a result of overdose.

Predicted effects

Contrary to what the name may suggest, gay spray does not just affect homosexuals nor does it change sexual orientation. The name is still applicable because in militaries where only men are serving the agent may very well produce these effects temporarily. The agent affects both men and women, though human males are more strongly affected then females.

A slightly pinkish cloud will envelop the area, making the use of the weapon clearly visible to friendlies and hostiles alike. Successful deployment can incapacitate personnel or to deny access or use of area, facilities and materials. As stated, the agent is effective within hours, but it does not last as long as bioweapons.

Except with indoor use where thousands of fatalities can result from a single attack, large quantities (thousands of kilogrammes) are needed to produce high numbers of fatalities. Outdoor use fatalities are likely to be in the hundreds. These two factors make the weapon more useful for tactical, rather then strategic use.

Other uses

CH064 has not been limited to deployment as a chemical weapon. Several strains have been found in (illegal) commercial products from the Knootian 'party' circuit that closely mimic its chemical composition as well as its effects on the body and the mind. The spray-form of gay spray is effective pretty much immediately when sufficient quantities of the gas are inhaled. One case has been brought before a court where a woman was accused of being 'raped' because the gas had been sprayed in her face, making her lose control.

A stronger variant of these commercial versions of the aphrodisiac is also said to be used by the AIVD and the EIVD

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