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Below is a detailed map of Stoklomolvi. The map is very, very large, and it is recommended that you consider your computer's processing power before clicking to fullview the pictures below.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">stoksectwestvn8.png
The western portion of Stoklomolvi.
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">stoksecteastme0.png
The eastern portion of Stoklomolvi.



Vladistov is the capital of Stoklomolvi, and all cities on this map have populations that are quite large. The only exception to this is Murfrusk, which has a population of 450,000. The reason that city is on this map is because that city is the largest city north of the Arctic Circle in Stoklomolvi, if not the whole world. All names on this map have nothing to do with their real-city counterparts; if they seem similar to the name of a real Russian city, then it is derived from it. For instance, both Vladistov and Vladimirostov seem similar to Vladivostok; that is because both names are derived from it. Terrain heights move from green to yellow to white; green is lowest elevation, yellow is higher, and white is highest. The sea functions similarly; light blue is shallow ocean, and the darker the shade of blue signifies deeper ocean.

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