Giant Zucchini

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Giant Zucchini
Flag of Giant Zucchini
Motto: "Huh?"
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Region United Powers
Capital Marauding
Official Language(s) English, Chinese, German
Leader President David Kevin Googe
Population 4.51 billion
Currency zucchinis 
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Little is known about the deserted forest that existed before the great Dottian explorer and current Zucchini President David Googe put Giant Zucchini "back on the map". However, research into the global archives showed that Giant Zucchini was once a bustling metropolis, with a vibrant economy and generous footballing pedigree. However, some poor legislative decisions plummeted the Zucchinis into collapse, one which they never recovered from, despite a slight resurgence. After a few years, it degenerated into the forested ruins it is now associated with, complete with hoards of illegal refugees from all over the globe.

However, under the shrewd eye of President Googe, the nation has recovered in leaps and bounds, and the nation is showing great promise. The country is a bustling automobile production hub in United Powers, majoring in the production of commercial electric cars and compact vehicles.

People and Culture

Giant Zucchini is commonly seen as a cultural melting pot, understandably due to the fact that most of the population are descendants of refugees from all around NationStates. More than 70% of the population is Caucasian, with most of the remaining population being East Asian, mostly from the neighbouring country of One Red Dot.

Sport and Entertainment

Giant Zucchini is probably best known in the international scene for its international footballing prowess, as well as its well structured and run professional football league, the Giant Zucchini Premier League.


Winner: World Cup 3

Runner Up: World Cup 10

Second Runner Up: World Cup 11

Host: World Cup 10 (with One Red Dot)


Most Zucchinis speak English, and it is the nation's official language. However, many other languages are also spoken, mainly concentrated in cities where the various ethnic groups reside. The city of Kung Pao, located at the border of Giant Zucchini and One Red Dot, is mainly dominated by East Asians, where Mandarin and various Chinese dialects are commonly spoken there, while the Japanese-speaking population occupy the western suburb of that town.

The eastern cities are the most tightly packed, and consequently the most linguistically diverse in the nation. South and slightly east of the capital city of Marauding is the Russian-speaking region of Rentruk, while heading north-east from there will bring you to the German-speaking city of Dankeschoen and the French-speaking city of Bearnaise, with the Italian-speaking Capone north-west of both. The north-east border of Giant Zucchini is occupied by the city of Angelo, where Spanish is commonly heard.