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Giuseppe Rotanelli
November 12, 1960
Chiusavecchio, Modica, Norden
May 14, 2007

Giuseppe Rotanelli is is currently the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden to the Armed Republic of Mathism. He was assigned to the post of His Majesty’s Representative to Mathism on May 14, 2007.


Rotanelli was born in Chiusavecchio, grant of Modica, province of Norden, to Rinnero and Diana Rotanelli. He is the fifth of eight children.

Giuseppe was educated in the Nord-Brutlandese public school systems and took a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in the Royal University of Brutland and Norden.

Rotanelli founded a successful technology company, NordTech, manufacturing computer supplies. It was listed in the Kingsville Stock Exchange since 1997. He resigned as NordTech’s CEO on January 10, 2001, though he remains a major stockholder in the business.

Rotanelli has a wife, Alessandra, and six children.


When the Nord-Brutlandese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Finisterretto d’Alfare Ellena, FAE) expressed the need for diplomats to be sent abroad, Giuseppe Rotanelli expressed his wish to represent the country. He passed the test for diplomats and was accepted to the diplomatic corps in 2004.


When the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden opened an embassy in Mathism, the FAE nominated Rotanelli as ambassador. The House of Lords confirmed his assignment without opposition or abstention.


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