Global Hell Group

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Global Hell Group
Headquarters: The Hague
Nationality: Knootoss
Specialty: Energy, especially Oil and gas
Storefront: No forum

The Global Hell Group is a major energy company, and one of the top private sector oil/gas companies in NS. Hell has a significant petrochemicals business and a rapidly expanding renewable energy sector developing Hydrogen-power alternatives. It is one of Knootoss’ most profitable business.

The Global Hell Group was created in 1901 when the Republikeinse Knootiaanse Petroleum Maatschappij and The "Hell" Transport and Trading Company merged their operations to form Republican Knootian Hell Oil. Presently, after many mergers, the multinational has a complex arrangement of shareholder associations and daughter companies known collectively as the ‘Global Hell Group

Over the years Hell has been criticized by environmental and human rights groups for a number of their operations, especially in Knootian Colombia. Hell's involvement in the area now known as Knootian Colombia came to the fore after the execution of ten dissidents by the right-wing Colombian government, supported by Knootoss. Some of the political activists had implicated Hell during their “treason” trial. Some of the world-wide condemnation of the act was aimed at Hell.

Hell's commitment to Sustainable Development, is a key part of the reputation building efforts that the Group undertook after this incident, and even though some claim it to be a cynical attempt by the most polluting company in the Knootian Federation to look good, the corporation – with the aid of ample government research subsidies - has made some significant strides in improving the efficiency of hydrogen-based transport.