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Nation: Ariddia
Capital: none; administered from Rêvane, Ariddia
Leader: Prime Secretary Aj Ud (of Ariddia)
Location of the Gnatanamo peninsula in Uhuh-Topia.
Gnatanamo is a coastal exclave of the People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia in the Imperial Autocracy of Uhuh-Topia. The territory is leased to Ariddia, and administered by the latter, but remains a part of Uhuh-Topia. This enclave enables Ariddia to be present on the actual mainland of the Uhuhland continent.

The Gnatanamo swamps are currently the only remaining habitat of the endangered brackish marsh mosquito, a protected species.

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Gnatanamo is a part of Ariddia in a geo-political sense, but is not geographically a part of the Ariddian Isles.