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Gob-Jobism is a relatively new, sexually based, religion which is popular but still remains in a minority. Practiced mainly in the degenrate south of the nation, Daveanoyl Chloride it acts on the beliefs of Jufsthan Stevenshon who believed that non-auto oral sex was the pathway to true enlightenment. This religion often ends with practitioners constantly taking part in oral sex rituals sometimes in very formal churches or simply in cars with other members watching to prove their divinity. This much less formal arrangement is sometimes followed by the well respected act of 'Dogging'. The initial preacher of Gob-jobism found out that Domas-Porada does not allow other religions, as did his family, as each member was mailed a slight amount of his remains, one piece per member. This did not stop the drive of the religion and the remains are housed in canopic jars which are visited on pilgrimage once every two years.

In Politics

Gob-jobism is controversial in politics and has been met with many varying view from political parties and nations over the years.

  1. The nation of Daveanoyl Chloride accepts the religion but wishes it to remain in the minority to sustain its public image.
  2. The nation of White-Rose has banned Gob-jobism.
  3. The nation of Dhatsun recognises the religion, although its somewhat begrudgingly.
  4. The nation of Domas-Porada has banned Gob-jobism.
  5. The nation of Sherylannia has banned Gob-jobism, but it is still practiced in underground establishments.
  6. The nation of Sabrateur accepts the faith as its government believes it should have no say in religion.
  7. The nation of Enthalpy Change accepts the faith with vigour, promoting it to its people.
  8. The nation of Nintenduu 64 has banned Gob-jobism.
  9. The nation of Mushy Pea has banned Gob-jobism as there is only one recognised religion in the nation.
  10. The nation of Adoggo accepts the religion.
  11. The nation of Petersvillia accepts the religion with vigour.
  12. The nation of Don Flanioso accepts the religion with the leader issuing the statement, "I want a piece of that."
  13. The nation of Calumnius recognises no religion in accordance with religious freedom laws but allows the practice of any religon.
  14. The nation of I Know Better Than You accepts the religion saying "whatever floats your boat"
  15. The nation of Oldham Road recognises the religion and says "although there is only one mainstream religion in the country, it's nice you know that there is an excuse for that kind of behaviour. Ooooooooh yeah!"