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Flag of Goobergunchia
Motto: "For Duty And Humanity"
None currently available
Region Democratic Underground
Capital Goobergunch City
Official Language(s) English, Unshish
Leader President Golan Belik
Population over 5 billion
Currency Knugel 
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The Liberal Unitary Republic of Goobergunchia is a large, modern nation located in the far north of the Democratic Underground. Its government stresses liberal policies at home combined with an isolationist foreign policy. Its leader, Martin Goobergunch, is the former General Secretary of the Red Liberty Alliance and still serves as the representative from Democratic Underground to that body, as Goobergunchia is the Founder of the Democratic Underground region.


Goobergunchia is located in the far north of the Democratic Underground region. It is bordered on three sides by water and is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of non-Goobergunchian land to the west and a land bridge jointly owned by Goobergunchia and Allanea to the southeast. The southern border of Goobergunchia overlooks a large lake that separates Goobergunchia from Allanea. There are large mountain ranges, especially the Quagolem Mountains, in the north inland from the coast and surrounding Lake Aherna in the southeast. It is hilly near the north and south coasts and the mid-sized Meerhang Desert lies in the east-central region near the coast. Goobergunchia's climate is generally temperate, but colder than an average nation.


There are 38 provinces in Goobergunchia.

  • Anameri
  • Athos
  • Aurolombiguela
  • Buena Voluntad
  • Broodonia
  • Cheloveki
  • Collinsia
  • Columbius
  • Devgil
  • Drakonreich
  • Easverg
  • Feras
  • Fredion
  • Goobia
  • Hoomoobra
  • Ilkoria
  • Jackovia
  • Kirslyn
  • Libertus
  • Lovinia
  • Merhang
  • Newcub
  • Nethshar
  • Newgrange
  • North Ahernia
  • Novalask
  • Pfluschlock
  • Phillipi
  • Platonius
  • Quagolus
  • Redmin
  • Saint Elayna
  • South Ahernia
  • Sperest
  • Synchrony
  • Thealand
  • Tobisheja
  • Vintvol

Goobergunchia also controls the territory of -The Prophet-, but allows its citizens autonomy over their affairs.


The Goobergunchian governmental system is based on four charters. The Charter of Rights outlines the protected rights of Goobergunchian citizens, the Charter of the Councils sets the procedure for the Goobergunchian legislature, the Charter of Ministries organizes the executive branch, and the Charter of the Gunchenjuris details the judicial system. Goobergunchia has a strong central government which has high respect for both the civil and political freedoms of its citizens; however, it does not grant business this high level of freedom.



The now-defunct Democratic States of Herradura originally comprised most the land area of what is now the Democratic Underground region. In 1873, the Herraduran Civil War resulted in each state forming its own nation, with the Liberal Unitary Republic of Goobergunchia being the largest of these nations. Politics in Goobergunchia has long been dominated by the Liberty Party, with its leaders often being members of the Goobergunch family who were the original revolutionaries.

UNAOTO and UnAPS membership

Allanean relations


Goobergunchia joined the Alliance Defense Network in April 2004 and became more active in that organization in July.

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