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This article deals with Goomba as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

<tr><td bgcolor="orange">Total population:</td> <td bgcolor="#ffde80">3 billion (est.)</td> </tr> <tr><td bgcolor="orange">Population:</td> <td bgcolor="#ffde80"> Ness Snorlaxia: 1.3 billion
Super Mario Bros: 1.0 billion
Lycia City: 477 million
</td></tr> <tr><td bgcolor="orange">Language</td><td bgcolor="#ffde80">mostly English and Japanese</td></tr> <tr><td bgcolor="orange">Religion</td><td bgcolor="#ffde80">varies among countries</td></tr> <tr><td bgcolor="orange">Related species</td><td bgcolor="#ffde80">

Video Game
    Mario creatures

</td></tr> </table>

The Goomba (Japanese: クリボー; Kuribō) is a creature that lives in various areas. In Ness Snorlaxia, it is the national animal. Goombas have a varying level of intelligence; they can be as smart as any human (ex: Goombella), or not smart at all and only walk in a straight line, sometimes falling into a pit.

Physical attributes

The average Goomba (as seen in the picture) is browinsh-yellow in colour and look like mushrooms with feet. They normally have bushy eyebrows that form a scowl, and fangs (on most). When underground, they appear to be blue or grey. If they adapt to that environment, they become Gloombas, a dark-coloured Goomba that is a little stronger than the regular ones.

Goombas vary in intelligence. Many Goombas are as smart as any human, live in houses or any other human living place, and are registered citizens of most countries that they live in.

Howver, there are also a lot of Goombas that are untamed and live in the wild. Some are adopted as pets. These Goombas, even though they can speak human language (mostly English and Japanese, like intelligent Goombas) and create hats, shoes, and other clothing, are more agressive and will attack anything, even other Goombas (usually the intelligent ones).

Attack and Defense strategies

Goombas can hurt other targets by walking into them or fall upon it from above. To improve their strength, most Goombas group together, usually in threes. These are the most common defense tactics used by Goombas. Other attacks are biting, spitting thorns, charging their attack so they become stronger, and flying (as long as it is the Para variant). Paragoombas will swoop down at the target to attack it, and also release Microgoombas, which will attach to a target and make it slower.

Despite these attacks, Goombas are easy to kill. Most Goombas can be defeated if the person jumps fairly high and lands on its head, where it will then become squished. However, some Goombas (notably the Rounded variant and a lot of the typical looking ones) will either just become unconcious or just become flattened and walk again. To prevent this, many Goombas wear hats, most of them containing spikes on the top. There is also a rare weapon that Goombas use, called a Kuribo's Shoe. These make Goombas almost invincible.


Ever since the appearance of the first Goomba a long time ago, they have since evolved. All Goombas are descended from the first ever Goomba type, which was the Mouthless Goomba.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">artgoomba010wk.jpg
The typical Goomba
Goomba Variants
Mouthless GoombaThis kind of Goomba has all of the regular features of a Goomba, although it appears to lack a mouth. It also has a rounded triangle-shape head. This Goomba is usually un-intelligent, and will either collide into other Goombas or objects. Because of this, it has a tendancy to fall into holes.
Little GoombaThis Goomba looks similar to a mushroom. Sometimes hops around in a Kuribo's Shoe. This is the most common form of Goomba. (See picture in above table)
Micro Goomba / GoombetteSmall version of Goomba, usually about the size of a human foot. Can attach onto a creature to slow it down. Micro Goombas are children of Para-Goombas.
Rounded GoombaThis kind of Goomba is spherical, and the feet are attached directly to the head. When stomped on, this Goomba will not be squished; it'll just loose conciousness. Has a Para- variant.
Para-GoombaA Goomba with wings, and is one of the most common types. Has two variations; a lighter coloured-one which can release Micro Goombas, and a darker one.
Gu GoombaThis kind of Goomba has a light-green hue. Likes to hide behind statues and ram into other people.
Goomba King / Goomboss There is only one of these, and he is the king of the Goombas. Although he was once evil, he now does good.
Red GoombaLike a regular Goomba, but is stronger and is red.
Blue GoombaLike a regular Goomba, but is blue. Unlike most other Goombas, it has a visible nose. Contracts diseases easier than other types of Goombas.
GloombaA darker-coloured Goomba that is found in tunnels. Has a Spiked and Para- variant. A little stronger than the average Goomba.
Hyper GoombaA greenish-coloured Goomba that is found in the wild. This Goomba type is one of the strongest and can charge its attack. Has a Spiked and Para- variant.
Gritty GoombaThis Goomba variant has bandages wrapped around itself and a spear on its head. These Goombas have been known to kidnap people and take them into pipes.
Polka-dot GoombasThis kind of Goomba is unique as it does not look like the regular kinds, and unlike others, are only found in tropical areas. This kind is more "flat" than the others. It has a little tuft of hair sticking out the top of its head, no eyebrows, has a large nose, no visible mouth, polka-dotted bottom, and blue feet. Sometimes, they will stack up on one another.

Other Information

Goombas are notable in that they have adapted to every climate, and as such, are very common. Most look the same, but with different colours. However, the ones in the tropical regions have adapted a distinct look and shape that differ from the other Goombas.

Goombas are sometimes found in crates, party balls, barrels, and pokéballs, as long as they do not contain other items or Pokémon. These are usually inhabited by unintelligent Goombas and is done as an act of suprise.

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