Gordon Downie College of Fine Arts

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Type Public
Students 3,468
Chancellor Adam Kasper
Location Neorvins, Kelssek

The Gordon Downie College of Fine Arts is a university in Kelssek. It awards degrees in fine arts disciplines such as film, design, sculpture, art history, and media. It also offers what is generally recognised as Kelssek's most prestigious architecture degree.

Graduates of the College include many of Kelssek and the world's top designers, artists, filmmakers and musicians. Its main campus is located just west of Place Paul Langlois and Neorvins's Quartier Francais. Its student-run gallery Frontiers, located on the west end of campus in Rob Baker Park, is an important attraction for culture tourism.

Johnny Fay's, the bar run by the students' union, is known for its great rhythms. It costs 2.50 for a high ball and a buck and a half for a beer, and patrons are advised to eat the chicken dishes slowly.

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