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Population: 112 nations
Delegate: Maxaroni
Founder: God Bless the USA
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

Our President and His Cabinet

President: Dugon

Secretary of Defense: Konzania Is in charge of protecting Government from invasions, and is the Head of the Regional Army. Also is the Director of the CIA.

Minster of Foreign Affairs: Sajlamot Is in charge of creating new alliances around NationStates, as well as keeping in contact with those already made, and ensuring that we keep all current alliances/embassies up and running.

Minister of Internal Affairs: LotsaTouchy Is in charge of creating new things for people on the forums to do, as well as recruiting new nations to our region.

The region of Government's 3 month goals

- 125 nations

- 3 alliances

- 2 colonies with governors up and running

- Rewritten constitution

- 50 UN nations in the region

Our mission statement

To be a uniting force in the wonderful world of nationstates by creating a fun and active region which utilizes all aspects of the game. From Offsite Forum, United Nations, Military Missions and Alliances with other regions, Government will work to build a sense of community in the world of nationstates.

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  • Government nations participate in the sports of:

~Soccer: Naleloospalakintula hosts a soccer cup every so often. ~Volleyball: Sajlamot hosts a volleyball tournament once every month. ~Football: Alomran occasionally hosts a football tournament. ~Summer/Winter Olympics: No summer olympics are planned for the moment.


  • Imperialis
  • The YoungWorld


  • Global Right Alliance
  • Great Britiain and Ireland
  • The North Pacific
  • The United Nations of Meronoth
  • The Eurasian Republic
  • Nasicournia
  • ADN
  • LOUD
  • League of Small Regions
  • N Ireland
  • WSeti
  • Empires of Earth
  • The Exodus
  • The Province

Regions within Government

  • Florida
  • Maine
  • Rhode Island
  • New Hampshire

Member nations with NSwiki pages

Regional Listing of International Airports

The nations of Government have numerous airlines flying customers to the different international airports across the region and internationally. A regional listing has been posted of international and domestic airports within the Government region.