Great Segasaturnian Anarchist Revolution

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The Great Segasaturnian Anarchist Revolution

The Great Segasaturnian Anarchist Revolution Changed the course of Segasaturnian History - turning it from a capitalist Imperialist Empire into the Federated Anarchist Communes we are today.

Beginings (December 1991 - Janurary 1992)

Before the Revolution began, The three northern Segasaturnian States of the then-capitalist Segasaturn Seceded or withdrew from the Imperial Federation. This caused a outburst of rage from Saturn City and forced the Segasaturnian Armed Forces to invade the newly-independent East Georgia. The President of Then-Capitalist Segasaturn, Kirk Wilson imprisioned millions in camps and Caused the entire International Community to levy embargoes on Segasaturn. This forced the then-Capitalist Government to close the camps and to recognize East Georgian Independence to stop anymore embargoes from being levyied upon Segasaturn.

But What was once one of the most powerful economies in the world nearly collapsed overnight, industries deprived of the most needed commodities and the most needed raw materials. It also left millions of workers without jobs and work. From this situation, A anarchist Union called the Segasaturnian Anarchist Worker's Union, based in New Harlem, Segasaturn (now the New Harlem Commune), Began to issue Revolutionary proproganda, showing that the true enemy was Kirk Wilson, The Capitalist System, the State and all authority. The Revolutionary worker's proproganda spread to all corners of Segasaturn, waking the workers up to the situation going under their noses. On December, 21, 1991, Students of Segasaturnian National University took over the school and occupied it, declaring that the school was a liberated zone - liberated from capitalist forces. However, a few days later, Segasaturnian Armed Forces troops successfully acttacked the students and they were arrested. Then they were executed by the orders of Kirk Wilson and the then-capitalist government. This made the Segasaturnian working class extremly Angry at the Captialist System, the state and it's peripherals.

This increased anti-capitalist activism in the major cities and brought more workers on to the side of the Proletarian Revolution and the worker's movement. The "Internationale" was heard throughout the streets of every Segasaturnian City, And there were street battles with the police every night.

By the End of Janurary 1992, The Working Class was totally alligned against capitalism and the state.

The Revolution (Feburary 1992)

On February, 9, 1992, after a series of crimes, recessions, civil warfare, and near economical collapse, All major unions called and initiated the General Strike against Capitalism and the state. This crippled the economy even more and this forced Kirk Wilson to resign and go into hidding - giving the power to Henry Murphy - his vice-president. Murphy was more than willing to hear out the workers, but they were pissed off - to put it in one word and were determined to destroy capitalism and the state. The major corperations were turned into workers' collectives and the workers took over the factories. They also caught Kirk Wilson, now a convicted war criminal trying to escape at the border, but one of the newly formed worker's militias executed him. On Feburary, 28, 1992, armed mass demonstrators raided both the congress hall and the Presidential residence, arresting both President Murphy and the National Segasaturnian Congress. They were forced to surrender or they would be executed. They signed the document that dissolved their power over the people and that gave the power to the Anti-Authoritarian Worker's councils, soviets, and popular assemblies of Segasaturn. Ten days later, they were summarily executed as well, by the local worker's militia, to prevent any attempts. The Cities, towns, and villages became communes and all services were collectivized. A meeting of recallable Anarchist Delegates began to formulate the new Segasaturnian Anarchist Constitution.

Post-Revolution (March 1992 - Today)

On Feburary , 28, 1993, the recallable Anarchist Delegates certifed the consititution which legally brought the Anarchist Communes of Segasaturn into existence. The Economy became a Anarchist Economy. It eventually recovered, but it recieved a blow to it's recovery, when Segasaturnian Oil Production peaked in 1997 at 800 barrels, forcing Segasaturn to make a oil deal with Daemoniata. This was later broken four years later and Segasaturn joined the International Fair Trade Agreement (IFTA).

Today, The Anarchist Communes of Segasaturn is Increasing it's presence on the world stage as a Federation of Anarchist Communes and defending the values of Proletarian Internationalism, Anarchism, and Proletarian Revolution world-wide.