Greater Chomla Mountains

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Great Chomla Mountains
Counties Cornith County, Veno Erri County, and parts of Najamash County, Yadalan County, and Martinos County
Major Cities: Cornith
Highest Point: Blue Mountain


The Greater Chomla Mountains are the lower half of the bigger Chomla Range. It starts near the mouths of the Long River and the Ekāna River, all the way down to the upper reaches of the Wakin River.


The Greater Chomla Mountains were formed by the pushing of two tectonic plates towards each other creating a high area. Although the mountains used to be underwater, they are now the highest place in Ethan Smith. There used to be mining of copper and iron in the mountains, but now, much of the mining business is gone and replaced with other industries.


The Greater Chomla Mountains are typically cold with the high elevations. In the northern stretches of the mountains, the foothills of the mountains are fertile and rich with nutrients. Along with a warm climate, this area famous for farming.

Flora and Fauna

Near the peaks of the mountains, not much grows in terms of plant life and wildlife. Down the mountains, you can start to see sprawling wildflowers and meadows of green. These grassy areas are a popular tourist spot in the summer. The base of the mountains are rich in wildlife. Forest animals such as deer and rabbits are predominate.