Orthodox Church of Constantinople

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An Icon of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child
The Greek Orthodox Church in Pantocratoria, which refers to itself as the Orthodox Church of Constantinople, is one of only a few autocephalous Eastern Orthodox churches in the NS world. It is headed by Ecumenical Patriarch Stephanus III, who claims the status of "first among equals" among the world's Orthodox bishops.

The local Churches of the Ecumenical Patriarchate consist of twenty nine eparchies (dioceses) within Pantocratoria, and three metropolises and one archdiocese outside of Pantocratoria ("metropolis" is preferred use over "metropolitanate" within this particular Orthodox jurisdiction), each of which reports directly to the Patriarch of Constantinople with no intervening authority. In addition, some of the archdioceses have internal metropolises, which are part of their respective archdioceses rather than distinct administrative entities, unlike the other metropolises.

The Patriarch is assisted in his administration of the Church by the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which consists of a number of bishops and metropolitans appointed from the bishops and metropolitans of the Church. The present Synod only includes bishops and metropolitans from the Church within Pantocratoria but could in theory include members from other dioceses outside the Empire.

In the lists below, the occupant of each see is shown in brackets after the see's name.

Orthodox Church of Constantinople within Pantocratoria

  • Archdiocese of Drakopolis (Patriarch Stephanus III of Constantinople)
    • Metropolis of Markosea (Metropolitan Petros of Markosea)
    • Metropolis of Matheus (Metropolitan Georgios of Matheus)
    • Metropolis of Georgea (Metropolitan Filipos of Georgea)
  • Diocese of New Thessalonica (Bishop Michael of New Thessalonica)
  • Diocese of Subeita (Bishop Paulus of Subeita)
  • Archdiocese of Ghelmanos (Archbishop Konstantinos of Ghelmanos)
  • Archdiocese of Verditania (Archbishop Ioannes of Verditania)
    • Metropolis of Verdtans (Metropolitan Markos of Verdtans)
    • Metropolis of Adamea (Metropolitan Basil of Adamea)
  • Diocese of Demeseus (Bishop Markos of Demeseus)
  • Diocese of Konstanius (Bishop Andreas of Konstanius)
  • Diocese of Romanopolis (Bishop Stephanus of Romanopolis)
  • Diocese of New Gallipolis (Bishop Manuel of New Gallipolis)
  • Diocese of New Smyrna (Bishop Mathias of New Smyrna)
  • Diocese of New Nikea (Bishop Isaakios of New Nikea)
  • Diocese of Perissalia (Bishop Eugenios of Perissalia)
  • Diocese of Samoce (Bishop of Samoce)
  • Diocese of Sebastia (Bishop Petros of Sebastia)
  • Diocese of Perosamoce (Bishop Konstantinos of Perosamoce)
  • Diocese of Cicilia (Bishop Christopher of Cicilia)
  • Diocese of Ionapolis (Bishop Ioannes of Ionapolis)
  • Diocese of Laerteus (Bishop Nicholas of Laerteus)
  • Diocese of Anachemia (Bishop Andreas of Anachemia)
  • Diocese of Brete (Bishop Konstantinos of Brete)
  • Diocese of Petroseus (Bishop Michael of Petroseus)
  • Diocese of Dioneseus (Bishop Mathias of Dioneseus)
  • Diocese of Herapolis (Bishop Nikomedes of Herapolis)
  • Diocese of Ida (Bishop Gregorius of Ida)
  • Diocese of Roalea (Bishop Basil of Roalea)
  • Diocese of Leverarch (Bishop Photios of Leverarch)

Orthodox Church of Constantinople outside Pantocratoria

  • Metropolis of Knootoss (Metropolitan Filipos of Knootcap)
  • Metropolis of Pantocratorian Ambara (Metropolitan Isaakios of Andrium)
  • Metropolis of Bratsk (Metropolitan Konstantinos of Bratsk)
  • Archdiocese of Unspecifistan (Archbishop Euthanius of Imperopolis)
  • Diocese of Anacea (Bishop Eugenios of Anacea)
  • Archdiocese of Aerion (Archbishop Canroth of Aerion)