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The Green Think Tank (GTT) is an environmental policy think tank and lobbying organization, mainly concerned with advancing environmental goals within the United Nations. Its history has been one of initial enthusiasm, then lengthy inactivity, and finally a revival, the longevity of which remains to be seen.


To promote the discussion and development of environmental issues generally, and at the United Nations in particular.

The Green Think Tank has traditionally kept to an extremely sparsely worded mission, to emphasise the idea that discussions should be open and not restricted along narrowly ideological lines. One of its particular concerns has been sustainable development, and its members have mostly eschewed the more radical and militant agenda of some extreme environmentalists, who nonetheless do not go unrepresented. As a policy think tank, the GTT has generally worked on developing international law rather than specific targetted actions.


The Green Think Tank was founded by Sheknu, who voiced disappointment at the generally poor quality of environmental legislation within the United Nations and formed the body to deliberate on and lobby for better proposals and the repeal of bad existing resolutions. The model for the organization was inspired to some extent by the National Sovereignty Organization, and the example of the GTT in turn led to such groups as UN DEFCON, the United International Congress and FAIRTRADE forming. A large number of active UN members joined in the first wave, and assisted with Fonzoland's Repeal "Save the forests of the World".

After this, activity declined somewhat, and by the time the Waste Disposal Covenant was drafted membership was low. The organization went into effective hiatus for a while, punctuated only by negotiations with Errinundera that led to their establishing permanent offices to house the GTT. Sadly, this generosity did not insire a renewed activity.

In 2007, after some months of dust gathering on the leaves, the GTT was relaunched by new members Quintessence of Dust, who inherited administration of the forums from Sheknu. Several proposal ideas were mooted, and in the end a developed draft by Rubina on forest management was taken up, with GTT members assisting in the drafting and subsequent telegram campaigning; the passage of Resolution #210, Forest Management, was thereby hailed as something of a return for the small organization. There are plans for further proposals to come.

Legislative successes

The following UN resolutions were drafted and passed with the help of members of the GTT:


The Green Think Tank does not have much of a formal structure, and as a small organization has not needed one. There is no process of internal democracy, but equally members are free to express their opinions and disagree policy; there is no enforcement of a "party line" on votes, chiefly because there is no party line to enforce. Samantha Benson of Quintessence of Dust has assumed the role of Acting Chair, but this role mainly consists of making sure people fold up their chairs after meetings and don't leave unwashed coffee mugs in the communal kitchen.


The Green Think Tank was originally convened in Sheknu. Later, purpose-built main offices in the Errinundera Environment Centre at Goongerah were developed. Nonetheless, most policy discussions take place at UN Headquarters, where the GTT maintains offices on the 11th floor.


The open forums are here, and are presently maintained by Quintessence of Dust. Anyone can join and admire the hideous colour scheme.


Membership of the GTT is open to all nations, regardless of UN membership and, within reason, environmental policy, although a willingness to constructively contribute is expected. As a result, there is quite a range of nations, crossing capitalism and socialism and including a divergence of opinions on national sovereignty. NGOs and international organizations can also participate.



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