Green wombat

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Green wombat
Flag of Green wombat
Motto: "If you can't handle it.... leave."
Region The Q Continuum
Capital The Hexagon
Official Language(s) English
Leader Daphne Culins (since 4/8/1910)
Population 657,000,000 as of 5/20/1908
Currency the Pepsi 
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General Information about Green Wombat

Founded November 3, 1564 Green Wombat was founded by rebel Qazoxians due the religious percecutions of those who did not believe in the 'Holy Ox'. Ever since the two countries have had an uneasy peace, but have only fought one war, the Lake Porter War in 1762, which lasted 7 years. But Green Wombat did aid the rebels during the Qazoxian Civil War which lasted from 1800-1803. Green Wombat conquered the territory of what now is known as Insaneindahead. In 1803, Green Wombat and Qazox agreed to allow Insaneindahead independence. Since that time, Green Wombat and Qazox have put up with each other without either side really trusting each other as the border is constantly guarded on both sides.

In March of 1906, civil unrest brought about by the Military Dictatorship resulted in a Civil War between Pro-Military Fundamentalists and the GWRM (Green wombat Resisance Movement)Please see below for more details.

Green Wombat is the only Military Dictorship in the Q Continuum, and as such has most countries there on constant alert for an attack. Until recently, Generallisimo Uarez was in charge of the Hexagon, the nation's capital and largest military base. Due to his apparent suicide in Rejistania during the most recent Baptism of Fire, Lt. General Abraham Simpson has taken over the country. Lt. General Simpson is not as hawkish as his predecessors, and it is to be seen if Green Wombat will start opening up its borders to its neighbors. due to the effects of the Noveen Conjuction the current year in Green wombat is 1900.

Green Wombat's Government

Green Wombat's offical Government is housed in the Hexagon, a militraybase/capital in which only military personnel are allowed. The highest ranking officer is the defacto leader of the country, but doea have a Security Council which handles the day-to-day matters of state. The people of the country have no direct say in the government, but are allowed to vote for regional governors and city mayors.

Green Wombat in International Sports

Green Wombat sent a team to the pre-WC27 Baptism of Fire and finished in 3rd place beating Becquerelia in the 3rd place game. Green Wombat is also a member of the NSOC, but will only participate in the Summer Games, due to no suitable conditions to train for the winter games. Green Wombat is currently trying to qualify for the World Cup 27 and is in Group 11 of Qualifing. Green Wombat finished a dissapointing 6th place in their group and due to the insurrection, wiil no be sending athlete to either the Cup of Harmony or World Cup 28. Green wombat is now the 81st ranked team in the world, just behind Bipedal Apes and just ahead of McPsychoville. After the Civil war, Green Wombat removed itself for intenational competition until 1908 when it entered World Cup 29.

At Women's World Cup 8 the team finished in 3rd place defeating old rivals Qazox.

Somehow due the influence of one Margaret, Green wombat actually qualified for World Cup 34.

Climate of Green Wombat

Green Wombat has a Sub-Tropical Climate with average temperatures in The Hexagon routinely staying above 90F from May until late August. In January the average temperatures at The Hexagon are 63F/45F, while in July the average temperatures are 96F/78F. There is plenty of rainfall during the winter months with an average of 6.50" of rain during January. The rainfall tapers off during the summer months with only an average of .25" of rain during July.

Major Cities within Green Wombat

  • The Hexagon--2,000 people (Central Command Center only)--1,250,000 people (surrounding Barracks and HeadQuarters)
  • Hellispont--17,000,000 The Largest Port on the Killic Ocean
  • Wachovia--43,000,000 largest civilian population in Green Wombat
  • Kraken--11,000,000 Home of Green Wombat's sports programs.
  • Asylum--13,508,950 Largest city with a Insanican population (Approx. 72%).

Green wombat Civil War