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''Last updated on May 10''
''Last updated on May 10''

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Flag of Gromland
Motto: "It's cheese, Gromit! Cheeeeeeese!!!"
No Map Available Yet
Region Land of extreme goodness
Capital Burgandy
Official Language(s) English
Leader The President
Population 371 Million as of May 10
Currency the Grome (pronounced GROM-eh) 
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Gromland is a fairly large nation located in the Land of Extreme Goodness. The government is a democracy, and its people are mostly liberal-socialist Democrats. Gromland is known for its high income-tax rates, but the money is put to good use, as $813 billion, or 32% of the government's budget, is spent on education and $483 billion or 19% of the budget is spent on healthcare. The major industries are beef-based agriculture, book publishing, and basket weaving. Its GDP per capita is a middling $12,500.

Last updated on May 10