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The H1SR is the domestic league of Rejistania, organised by the Asene Sekhika Rejistaniha. The letters are an abbreviation for the rejistanian term "heven mje'het sekhika rejistaniha" which means "first league of rejistanian soccer". There used to be many re-structurizationing because different factors were important at different times: in the early days of rejistanian soccer, there was the wish to allow it fans to watch all the matches and for the clubs to be able to get to the away games without problems, so the league was divided into 3 (later 4) divisasi'ny, which had a competition (depending on the style, it was the HVSR or the XVSR) after the regular season into which the first 2 teams of every divisasi qualified. The current scheme however is different: the top teams of the divisasi of the H2SR (the second league, each divisasi has 18 teams) promote into the H1SR, which has 16 teams. The lowest-finisher of every divisasi plays a relegation-match on neutral ground against the winner of the H2SR in the same divisasi. The winner promotes/stays into the H1SR, the loser stays/relegates in the H2SR.

The national cup is the XTSR (Xamjona'het tani sekhika rejistaniha: Championship of national rejistanian soccer): In the final rounds: 32 teams play: The 16 H1SR teams, the 2 top-finishers of every divisasi in the H2SR and the winner of each H3SR-divisasi.

The H1SR is scorinated with leagion and presented in the International Domestic Soccer Newswires

Divisasi: Divisasi Omeh (northern coastal region), Divisasi Kamex (northern hinterland region), Divisasi Veran (central region) and Divisasi Lines (southern region)

Most successfull clubs: Hades Lavamje, Najajara Ynu, Hetkali Divensi

Amateur clubs: Karela Lines, Kalisimu Salan.

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