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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is haimaidu.
World Cup footballer
National Team
Local Team
First Creek Falls
Noted For
Squad member WC33, 34, 35, 36 & 37

Newspaper diary

haimaidu blossomed late in her football career, winning the leighm medal for best Errinundera player in World Cup 36 at the age of 31. With her selection in the following Cup squad she became only the second Errinundrian player, after rosaniel, to be selected for five different World Cups. Her popular column in the Falls City News, High Fives, was widely syndicated.

World Cups

  • Stats include qualifying matches
  • leighm medal is voted upon by the Errinundrian coaching staff for the Player of the Series

World Cup 33

  • Selected as a substitute in two games.
  • Errinundera qualified but lost to Squornshelous in the 2nd round.

World Cup 34

  • In the starting line-up in two matches and substitute in several others.
  • Errinundera qualified but lost to Commerce Heights in the 2nd round.

World Cup 35

  • Either in the starting line-up or as substitute in most matches
  • 5 leighm medal votes; winner was onito.
  • Errinundera qualified but lost to Ariddia in the 2nd round.

World Cup 36

  • Surprise star of the cup, winning the leighm medal by 2 votes from scerberu. Perhaps not as skilful as some other members of the team, but her reading of the play is second to none while her preparation is exhaustive.
  • Winner of the leighm medal with 22 votes.
  • Best afield against Bostopia (a), Abu Omar (h) and Rugiero (h) in the qualifiers; and Elves Security Forces and Capitalizt SLANI in the Proper.
  • Selected in the World Cup best XI from all nations.
  • Errinundera lost to Ariddia in the final.

From the Archives

High Fives with Haimaidu, her syndicated report from World Cup 36, was popular with readers as the Potoroos progressed towards the final. You can read them by following the links below.

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