Halls of Memory

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Historic Nations of various sorts have made their marks upon the denizens of NationStates. Many nations have earned a place in our Halls of Memory, and are thereby honored here.

Some are revered, others are reviled, all are remembered.
The list will grow, but our memories will remain,
For their names shall be graven upon this Cenotaph.

The Catacombs

Francos Spain               THE MATT- DUCK               Enodia

Great Bight                 XYZ Affair                   Normack

Las Chupacabras             Christie                     Goddessness

Klamath                     Collaboration                Poskrebyshev

Magicality                  Neutered Sputniks            White Lotus Eaters

Sudetenland                 Norion                       Derkesthai

Rebel Grots                 Assjackistan                 RedCommunist

InfernoIce                  Alpha C                      The Global Market

Ziotah                      The twoslit experiment       The Palestinian Empire

The True Domination         Grendel                      TROUSRS

Josifovich                  UPS Rail                     The Basenji

Orioni                       The SLAGLands

Merinov                     Ellandar                     Invisible Community

Tobieski                    The imperial navy            Mishakal                    

DemonLordEnigma             Fudgetopia                   CortalUX

Zooke                       The Psychomaniacs            Acelinia                    

Vlugenbash                  Ankazyan                     Hasilthec

Hrmmm                       T H E F I S H                Lavenrunz

Aeazer                      Goobergunchia                Invanz

Praetonia                   Sarzonia

Other NationStates Memorials

Federated Klatchian Coast Memorial
The South Pacific Halls of Memory
The Dominion Memorial

Halls of Ignominity

Visit the Hall of Ex-Nations for nations that have disappeared in a less than favorable way.